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Yoga Mat Grip+ 5 mm

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Designed for maximum grip and good comfort, with its 5 mm thickness. Perfect for dynamic yoga (Vinyasa, etc.)

Have trouble slipping on your mat? Practise with greater ease with our grippiest mat. Its comfort and lines to aid alignment will help you with every pose through to Savasana.

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Sale price: 18.000 KD

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Product Features

A photo of the Yoga Mat Grip+ 5 mm in use


The upper surface is very grippy and absorbs perspiration.

User comfort

5 mm thick for a good balance of comfort and stability

Ease of learning

A centre line and marks to help you with alignments.


This dense mat has a rubber surface that grips the floor perfectly

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Yoga Mat Grip+ 5 mm
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This is the best Matt I have ever used and seen in the market ! Its total non slip and the grip is really good for stretching and yoga etc .

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It's grippy but heavy. Gets marked easily

It's a good product overall but if you get sweaty when doing yoga, the stains of sweat patches will show and remain there for long. Looks it will needs loads of cleaning after every session otherwise it looks like you've used it as a picnic blanket and had a few takeaways on top. It's a really heavy mat, it's ok if you are driving to your class but I do cycle there most times and you can feel the weight on your back... you might need more work and stretches on your back when you get home! I recommend it if you are not bothered about the above... it's grippy indeed and the lines help you to align your postures. I think I will only use it occasionally, depends how bad it looks and/or have had time to clean it between sessions.

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Game changer!

I bought this mat on the recommendation of my son - a qualified yoga instructor. I thought he was overplaying it but I was wrong. It's a super comfortable mat and the grip finish has transformed my yoga flows. Love it!

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Great yoga mat

Great yoga mat that not only stays in place on the floor but you stay in place on the mat. Nice smooth texture with alignment markings. The slight extra thickness also provides a bit of comfort on a hard floor but you don’t sink into it. As good if not better than the high end mats available.

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Wanted a comfortable mat

Good non slip mat

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I love this mat :)

I've had this mat for over 2 years and for the last year have used it almost every day. There are always compromises you have to make but for me, the positives far outweigh the negatives. The mat does mark. My mat looks very used. To clean it I wipe it down with a damp cloth. Occasionally I use a very small amount of soap. It doesn't get rid of the marks but does get rid of any smells. The grip is no longer as good as it was but I prefer that as it makes it easier to transition between poses. It was almost too grippy when I bought it. It has good grip when you are sweating. It has good cushioning. It is reasonably firm for balance poses, although I would prefer it to be a bit firmer. It is also quite heavy but this has never been an issue for me. The alignment lines are sometimes useful. The mat is still going strong. It is good value for what you get. I would thoroughly recommend the mat unless you don't want a mat that marks or is quite heavy (mine weighs around 3 kgs).


I've been using this mat for about 2 years and is fabulous. It's lasted me 3 times as long as the current trendy and expensive yoga mat with a similar feel. Great for ashtanga and vinyasa. Ive had no issues with sweat staining etc I do wipe with a damp (but not really wet) cloth and a little dish soap once a week and it comes up great. Hasn't flaked or peeled which was the issue on the other mats and still has good grip! I don't understand why people say it's slippy.

Great mat at reasonable price

I've had this mat for almost 2 years now and I love it. I practice regularly - mainly high intensity classes - vinyasa/power/rocket yoga and I never had an issue. I'm surprised to see bad reviews, I always recommend this mat! Good grip, nice colour and material. I only add an extra layer below my head - a towel - when I practice headstand.

stains that don't go away

The grip is good, but the material absorbs sweat and it stays stained, even after attempting to clean it. It even gets marked by the light skin oil from the forehead. When cleaning it, the water also gets absorbed and it takes a while to evaporate, leaving some additional marks. It needs to be rolled loosely or otherwise it gets creases and marks that won't go away. I really wanted to love this mat, but after a few months using it, it just looks horrendous. Not what you want when doing yoga.

Best mat I’ve tried and excellent price. Yoga

This mat has perfect grip from first dry hands moment. It’s the best mat I have ever used in 18 years of practicing and teaching, I have spent more than £80 twice On other brands, and yet this is the best yet, it’s hard wearing too.

Slippery after several uses

Sold as a very grippy mat which I loved at first but after 3 months of use it is now very dangerous tonuse as it is very slippery now. And I mean even when newly cleaned. My feet and hands can slide of it like i am skating. Dangerous when holding difficult poses

Slippery after 3 months

This is a fantastic mat, at first. The cushioning is great, protecting the coccyx and knees etc. It is also non-slip for around two to three months of regular use. Thereafter it becomes totally unusable as both the bottom and top layer become too slippery. It is so slippery that it is dangerous to use. The manufacturer needs to provide some detail on what to do with this as it is unusable in its current form.

Hello Antony,

Hope you are well and safe.

Thanks so much for your feedback.

I would be really interested to hear more about the issue you are experiencing, can you please email me at

Thanks a lot,



Yoga Mat

Much improved grip from previous mat. My only issue is superficial sweat markings but I've yet to attempt cleaning if indeed necessary. Great value compared to other brands.

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Got all deformed

Even before using it, as soon as I unrolled it, it got all deformed. Tried to wash it to see if it went back to its normal shape but no.

Yoga mat

Disappointed as mat sold as non slip. Was great for first couple of months but has began to get very slidy with use and build up if sweat. Contacted decathlon to see if someone could suggest a cleaning product and told on 2 separate occasions someone would get back to me but no one ever has.

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Foamed Natural Rubber


  • 100% Polyurethane


This mat is 185 cm long, 65 cm wide and 5 mm thick. It weighs 3,5 kg.

Choosing your yoga mat

- Do you have a gentle yoga practice (hatha, restorative, prenatal, nidra, etc.)? Transitions are slower and poses are less physically intense.A mat between 5 and 8 mm thick will provide enough cushioning for your cervical spine and joints.- Do you do dynamic yoga (Ashtanga, vinyasa, Iyengar, hot yoga, Bikram, etc.)? Transitions are fast and the intensity is high. A mat up to 5 mm thick will give you better grip and stability for balance.

Caring for your mat

To clean your mat, wipe down with warm soapy water and allow to air dry before rolling up. Do not leave in direct sunlight. The mat's porous, extremely grippy material tends to mark easily, leaving proof of your consistency and progress!

Considering the mat's weight

The mat's weight depends on the material.We use materials based on their properties to meet your needs during use.Some materials are heavier than others, and so the thicker the mat, the heavier it will be.Remember to consider this when choosing your mat!(travel or not, means of travel, etc.)Our mats range from 405 g to 3.5 kg in weight.

Our product design process

From beginners to yoga instructors, every member of our team shares this same passion.Whether we do gentle yoga or have a more dynamic practice, we're all seeking balance. With our network of yogi ambassadors, we (e)co-design products to meet your needs and mindset. We are committed to making your yoga practice a positive, generous and eco-friendly experience.

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