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Women’s waterproof mountain walking boots - MH500 Mid

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Women’s waterproof mountain walking boots - MH500 Mid : We have designed these waterproof shoes for regular hikes. Discover the mountains, comfortable at every step.

Hike comfortably: EVOFIT concept that adapts to your foot, and double cushioning. Hike safely: a waterproof leather upper with rubber stone-guards and a strong grip outsole.

A photo of the Women’s waterproof mountain walking boots - MH500 Mid in use


Highly non-slip rubber outsole with 5mm gripping studs.

Impact protection

Durable rubber stone guards at the front and back of the foot.


Waterproof and breathable membrane lining: your feet dry for 8hr in all weather


EVA foam with different density at the heel: comfort/protection from the ground.

Anatomic design

EVOFIT concept, generous fit that adapts to the width of the front of the foot


379g per boot in size 6

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2727 reviews

Women’s waterproof mountain walking boots - MH500 Mid
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Great boots

Great fit really comfortable and they look great

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Comfortable boots

Bought my usual size 40 and I would say they are slightly generous but perfect if wearing walking socks. Worn them for 6 months and they have kept my feet dry in wet weather and not had any blisters.

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Not waterproof

Comfortable but not waterproof!


I bought these for my wife after trying other brands. The key attraction was the waterproof factor. They are NOT waterproof and have met in water just walking in wet grass. You can see from plenty of other reviews here that this is an issue so if you really need waterproof boots I wouldn’t recommend these.

Not Waterproof!!

First impressions of these boots were very good. They were immediately comfortable and needed no breaking in however; the first walk my wife did in them was only about 7 miles in average conditions on wet gravel and grassy terrain with a little mud. After 2 hours her socks and feet were very damp. We returned them and the purchase was refunded with no fuss. Good boots but not for wet weather.

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Not waterproof

It's a shame they aren't great when it comes to water! They are very comfortable and the only pair of boots I own that I can fit my insoles in. Went out in the rain yesterday and they are still soaked today. This was a lot of money for me to spend on boots and now I can't wear them. Very disappointed.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to review our MH500 Mid Walking Boots.

I'm sorry to hear that you found these boots to leak water. They should be fully waterproof and we carry out testing to ensure that they are.

However in some cases there can be a manufacturing defect, which sounds like the case here. I would encourage you to pop in to your nearest store where I'm sure that they can find a solution for you.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Peter - Forclaz Product Expert, Decathlon UK

Most comfortable ever but they arren' waterproof

I bought a these in store in Oxford in July and received excellent guidance on the merits of different boots. I bought the MH500, wore them in over 2 weeks and then walked 100 miles over 6 days, using Decathlon socks. Not a blister until the last 4 miles, despite my feet being soaked. These boots were not water proof, which is why I bought them. I returned them to Oxford, and saw the same assistant, and received a replacement pair. Yesterday was the 1st outing in the rain, only an hour and again my socks are wet. I'm so disappointed, these are the most comfortable boots in 35 years, but they leak.

Not waterproof

I bought these today and went out a walk in the rain and after 10 mins my feet were wet. They are comfortable and grippy, but not waterproof.

Waterproof issue

These are really comfy and great for woodland trails and for walking on tarmac, but only the left boot was waterproof. They are now all muddy after I have worn them 4 times in one week, so wonder what the customer service will be like when I attempt to return in store (Glasgow). I will wash and dry them as far as I can and would be happy with an exchange to try again to see if there was a fault in the right boot. However, if the 2nd pair has same issues I will want a refund. I really want these boots to be waterproof as they really are inexpensive, comfortable and also give light ankle support, which is perfect for everyday walking in mixed terrain. I had to buy a size up to accommodate my wider than standard foot width (usually E/F when measured) when worn with merino wool hiking socks. I would usually be a 39 for walking boots, but had to buy size 40 in these as the 39 felt narrow. I have to give only 2 stars for waterproof issue, but would give 5 for comfort. p.s. I don't think they'd be great for hill-walking on scree as I could feel stones through the sole, which doesn't bother me on local short walks, but would not work for more strenuous and longer walking up Scottish hills. They would be ideal for walking to work and walking dog etc, but only if the waterproofing actually works.


Boots seem to be to size and very comfortable.....perfect for my muddy dog walks and social hiking

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Very comfy but 100% NOT waterproof!!

I bought these boots in August - the main attraction was the fact that they were waterproof. They really are NOT! I have had wet feet for the last few walks I have been on, after simply walking on wet ground and a few puddles. I intend to return them on the basis that they don’t do what they are advertised to do. Such a shame because they are very comfortable.

Good boots

I've been using this bots nearly every day. The boots are very comfortable and the waterproofing is excellent, tried them on several rainy days. Good adherence in all types of grounds and floors.

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Great boot such a shame it DOESN’T stay waterproof

In so many ways I’ve been delighted with this boot, it’s comfy, the grip is great BUT THEY ONLY REMAINED WATERPROOF FOR AROUND 6 MONTHS. I’ve tried spraying with waterproof spray multiple times but it makes very limited difference.

Comfortable but not waterproof

I am really disappointed as I purchased these for dog walking/hiking and they are so comfortable, but as with other comments after about 2 months they started to let in water and I get very wet feet daily when we go over the fields. I still wear them when its dry or am on hard surfaces but am having to buy another boot as I need them to be waterproof as I am going out to Borneo early november and will have no where to dry boots and socks!

Not waterproof

These shoes were purchased in September this year. They are very comfortable but unfortunately after two months wear they began to let water in at the toes and now I can't even walk on damp grass in them without getting soaked feet. It is very disappointing because the description of the testing implied that they would do the job and they are very comfortable. Sadly I can't locate the receipt and so am unable to return them but I would definitely not recommend them for anyone who wants to do even a short walk in inclement weather.

Thanks for getting in touch and for taking the time to give us feedback. All our waterproof footwear pass rigorous waterproof testing to ensure they can withstand the worst of our British weather so I am sorry to hear that this pair have failed on you. Certainly after only two months this shouldn't happen. As you don't have a receipt we can't offer a refund however we can offer an exchange. Just drop into any of our stores and we'll be happy to sort it out for you!



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Additional Product informations


Outer sole of

  • 50% Rubber - Butadiene Rubber
  • 50% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Upper of

  • 33% Leather - Bovine - Split
  • 34% Polyamide
  • 33% Polyurethane

Lining and sock of

  • 100% Polyester

Which hiking frequency and intensity?

We have classified our product in terms of performance and function to suit the 3 levels of Mountain Walking:- Occasional: a dozen hikes a year for approximately 3 to 4 hours, under 10 km and under 700m of vertical distance.- Regular: twenty outings a year. 4 to 6 hours, 10 to 20 km, 700 to 1200m of vertical distance per outing.- Intensive: for over 20 outings per year. For over 6 hours, over 20 km, 1200 to 2000m of vertical distance per outing.

Sustainable development information

For the inner sole fabric coating of these boots, we dye the thread during manufacturing to reduce the environmental impact. Textile dyeing requires a lot of water but also produces waste water from the dye baths. To reduce this environmental impact, we use a mass pigmentation process that involves adding the colour pigments when the yarn itself is produced.

Sole with grip

The grip of our soles is certified.To be awarded certification, the boots must pass laboratory tests to assess the grip rate on different surfaces (Smooth, Rugged, Dry, Wet). To validate these tests, we assess the quality of our soles in the field, in the mountains, by a panel of representative testers over 500 km

Waterproofing test

In a laboratory, the boot is immersed in water to mid-height on a mechanical arm that flexes to simulates a number of steps. With this test we can determine a time and number of km that the boot can walk while staying dry.Then we confirm in the field or under the rain, that the shoe meets its promises.

Making waterproofing last longer

To keep your feet dry, we advise you to use a waterproof gaiter or mini-gaiter to protect the top of your boots and prevent water, pebbles and sand from getting in.We advise re-waterproofing your boots twice a year using a re-waterproofing agent (search for ‘waterproofing’ on our Decathlon website) which will help you restore the original water-repellent qualities and help prevent stains on the outside.

Evofit concept

This shoe is fitted with the EVOFIT concept. With its stretch materials and specific design for the area of the foot where the joints are located, EVOFIT technology allows the shoe to perfectly fit the shape of your foot.

Product design: our expertise

Our Quechua global design centre is based in Passy, at the foot of Mont-Blanc in Haute Savoie.This location makes it a real meeting place for our teams (designers, product managers, engineers, etc.) and outdoor sports enthusiasts.A great asset for designing our mountain walking products and providing you with all our expertise.

Which size should i select?

The most important thing is to try on several sizes and styles of boots to find the one most suited to you!You can take a size above your usual one to prevent the toes from bumping into the toe box when going downhill, provided the foot is properly supported to avoid friction.Tip: keep your toenails short and, before a long descent, check that your lacing is tight enough to prevent your foot from sliding forwards inside the boot.

Buying tips / how do you try your boots on?

Some Decathlon stores have a test route.1. Try on both shoes, standing up, with the socks worn for hiking. 2. Tighten the laces, taking care to correctly balance the tightening.3. Check two points:- the heel does not come up before the boot when you walk uphill.- the foot does not slide and the toes do not press against the front when going downhill.4. Try on several sizes and models.Break them in gradually to adapt them to your foot.

Which socks?

A waterproof boot will be less breathable than a non-waterproof boot. Socks like the MH500, MH520 and MH900 with a high or medium upper (adapted to the height of the boot) are therefore preferable for wicking away perspiration and reducing friction.

Optimise the capabilities of your boots: replace your insoles!

The original insole in your boots is designed to accommodate most feet. A change of insole can bring:1. Improved support: some soles are preformed or reinforced to better support the arch of the foot. 2. More comfort: the insoles can also provide heat and/or cushioning.3. Longer life: restore the support and comfort of your shoes by replacing the insole each season.

Lab tests

Further laboratory tests were conducted to test the following elements: attachment of eyelets and webbing, assembly, toxicology, UV resistance, sole and upper component abrasion, accelerated ageing.

How should you look after your boots?

- Leave to air-dry.- Remove dry mud with a stiff brush.- For stains, clean with a brush and a little warm water- Leave to dry- Spray with a re-waterproofing agent to restore the water-repellent properties of the upper.

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