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Weight Training Rack Chin-up / Squat / Bench Press / Back Pull

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A photo of the Weight Training Rack Chin-up / Squat / Bench Press / Back Pull in use

Weight Training Rack Chin-up / Squat / Bench Press / Back Pull : Our design team developed this rack for weight training with weights, dumbbells, and guided weights.

A complete weight training gym in just one product! Safely perform squats, chin-ups, pulley hauls (high/low) and bench presses (in combination with our benches).


Tested with weights up to 200 kg.Chin-ups: 150 kg max


A wide variety of exercises using free weights, guided weights, or body weight


The bar support pegs can be repositioned depending on the exercise.

Anatomic design

Bar support pegs can be positioned from 55 to 180 cm, in 5 cm intervals.


Can be combined with the 900 bench.Includes 28 and 50 mm weight adaptors.

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Weight Training Rack Chin-up / Squat / Bench Press / Back Pull
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Excellent value for money!

Had to wait a while for it to come back in stock but was worth the wait! We are so impressed with this rack and would highly recommend. Very easy to assemble too.

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Very Good Quality (28mm discs first fine)

I managed to finally snag one of these from a store. Seems the best way to grab one is to bite the bullet and drive to a store that has one and pick it up. It’s quality, very well put together and straightforward to build. The person saying 28mm discs don’t fit is wrong. When it arrives there is a plastic attachment on the bars that allows 50mm discs to slip on as well. But if you take that off then the bar that is left is for 28mm. Incredible that people don’t read things. Anyway great product, don’t hesitate to buy (if you can).

28mm discs don’t fit

Gutted that my existing 28mm weight plates don’t fit the pulley. I have York and Golds Gym 28mm plates and neither fit in the supplied 28mm pulley or storage bars. I had to wait a long time for this to come in stock and my first order was cancelled by Decathlon. The unit itself is great but have similar gripes as other reviewers that you cannot purchase additional attachments such as dip bars or extra J hooks. Thought I was getting a good product at a good price but that value has disappeared as now I will have to buy additional weight plates to fit the unit. So disappointing

Really Impressed

What a bargain seen racks much more expensive elsewhere. Was straightforward to put together as very clearly labelled. Have used fully today and its a great quality. Tip put some WD40 on reels and weight attachment to make it glide smoother.

Solid quality and very good price

I've been using this for a month and I must say that I'm impressed by the build quality. It took 2 of us around 4 hours to assemble it so be prepared for that. Highly recommend it.

Fantastic value for money

Really please with this. The price compared to other brands is unbeatable. Just wish I could buy extras for it like more j hooks or dip bar attachment. Down side was I had a horrible time building it. I'm normally good and doing this sort of thing but me and my had a tough time and we both were glad to see it finally belt after 4 hours lol. But if you can finally get your hands on one, dont hesitate to buy. It will be the centre of your home gym and is made to last.

Top quality cage - highly recommended

High Quality materials I considered several different cages before & had a concern that because this was much cheaper than the competition it might be a poor quality product. My fears were allayed the moment I opened the box. The quality of the packaging and the way everything was laid out inside was exemplary. Every item was labelled with little stickers, even the nuts and bolts were sealed and labelled. The tools needed were also provided, although I used my own hand tools (Torque wrench and ring spanners). Easy to understand instructions The manual was easy to understand and has been put together with some thought. The pictures resembled the product, the instructions made sense and were easy to follow. It took me a little longer than the 75 minutes estimated in the manual. I did most of it by myself with the final top assembly with some much-needed assistance. Tight Pulley System I read previous reviews and noted the comments about the cable pulley being noisy and / or tight. I was conscious of not tightening the pulley wheels too much and could see how doing this would make their operation stiff and squeaky. I also tried using the pulley with uneven weights, a 10KG on one side and 5KG on the other to achieve a 15KG load. This has the effect of creating friction on one side of the shaft upon which the weight stack slides. So you need to have even weights on both sides. I haven’t used DW40 or other lubricant but will try this now. The finished product Quality, quality, quality. Everything about the rack oozes quality. The 60mm frame, support bars, the finish of the powder coating. The rubber coating on the support bars and the lugs where the bar rests. The wide grip lat pulldown handle is one of the nicest I’ve ever used. Things to consider The weight holders and pulley are set up for 50MM and 28MM weights. Unfortunately, my old 25MM (1”) weights do not fit, their holes are too small. I had to sell them and switch to 50MM weights, which are much nicer anyway, but it was an unexpected added cost. The cable pulley set up means you use the pulley at the top or the bottom. There is no sliding height adjustment like you get in a commercial gym. So doing one arm chest height cable pulls is out. The width between the bar rests is 120CM, you will need a 7ft bar OR if you are limited for space and want a 6ft bar, you’ll need one with at least 120CM between the collars. Most 6ft bars are too narrow between the collars, so see my recommendation below. Improvements & Add-ons Mirafit sell a 6ft Olympic bar with 130CM between the collars and a “multi purpose” landmine attachment. Mirafit supply a lot of other attachments that are designed to fit 60mm cages Conclusion Using the rack is a joy, I love it. There really is no more to say, it’s just so good I don’t feel the need to go back to a commercial gym and I’ve already bought tons of different cable attachments and various accessories so I can vary my workout.

Excellent piece of equipment...

I bought this for my home gym early in the COVID19 lockdown, best decision I ever made. Every routine I do now is mainly done using the frame; battle ropes, landmine attachment, pull ups and chin-ups, bench press, squats, deadlifts, elastic bands and so on... it is so versatile. Great value for money... Just like another reviewer said, the pulley system was squeaky but once I applied WD40, it's been smooth and I have had to re-apply it as needed... It will be great if Decathlon can make and supply a dip station attachment for this frame, the ones I see online will only work with bigger hole frames.

Highly recommend

Excellent piece of equipment very sturdy and allows you to do a variety of workouts whilst having the piece of mind of safety when doing heavy weights. I have seen some comments on the cables making noise but it’s a matter of lubricating the pulley system, I used WD-40 and havnt noticed any noise. Price: very reasonably priced for what it offers Quality: solid frame which is 6cm think, frames of this thickness is usually double or triple the price. Delivery: excellent, came a week before the expected date and even gave a courtesy call 30 mins before arrival. Only drawback wish you could purchase attachments for this rack, such a landmine, extra hooks or dip attachments

Best power rack for home gym

Sturdy, good quality, safe, easy to assemble and can hold a lot of weight. Perfect for blemish gym. Decathlon leads on budge but good quality home gym equipment.

Excellent bit of kit.

Fantastic bit of kit, recommend to any bodybuilder or anyone into weight lifting. Due to the gym being closed we needed a cage and pulley system. The quality is exceptional and very easy to build. Thank you for building parts of it and sending it out. I built my mates marcy one a week ago and everything was in pieces from the littlest of things and nothing was labelled up. Great touch with the ABC's e.c.t. youd expect his £1300 system to have basic things like that. Only criticism would be a slightly wider lat pull down bar. Delivery service was one of the quickest during this time aswell. Most other company's quoting 4 weeks plus. Came in under 2. Purchasing was abit of a nightmare, got to payment then seemed to sell out 3 times even when hitting the pay button at 12:01am. Very happy lifter non the less though

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Great product, just don’t order online....

This is a great Power Cage, very good quality for the price. However, unless you want to wait a long time for it DO NOT order online (I wish l had taken heed of this when reading reviews!!). This is not Decathlon’s fault, as their customer service is great, but rather the courier company that they use (Panther)....

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Very solid build and all functioning very well. The pulley works well for me.

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Awesome product!

This is my second rack I own and it is really good in quality. The only missing thing is the band pins. However with the lat pull down attachment this is a great product. Totally recommend it.

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Good !

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Steel


  • 100% Rubber - Butadiene Rubber

Dimensions and weight

900 Rack dimensions:Width = 121 cmLength = 166 cmHeight = 216 cmWeight = 101 kgBoxes:Box 1 = 202 cm x 31 cm x 16 cmweight = 52 kgBox 2 = 116 cm x 54 cm x 26 cmweight = 53 kg

What accessories does my 900 rack come with?

Pull-down bar.Pull Triangle.Weight disc diameter adapter: 28/50 mm

What functions does the 900 rack offer?

The 900 rack allows you to work safely with both free weights, a multi-gym, and body weight.It has height-adjustable safety elements.You can also store your 28 and 50 mm plates with the 2 included storage supports.

What should i combine my 900 rack with?

If you are a fan of bench presses, or if you want to vary your workouts, then the weights bench will be an essential part of your training.Also think about weights (compatible with 28 mm and 50 mm plates).

Training with the 900 rack: all exercises

Wide grip, tight grip, and hammer grip chin-ups.Front and rear bar squats with spotterFlat and inclined bench press with spotter (with the 900 bench)High pulley haulLow pulley haulWhat if you don't know what exercise to start with, or how to find the right position? Check out our website. Our design team has developed a coaching service to help guide

Maximum loads

Chin-up bar: 150 kg (130 kg bodyweight + 20 kg added weight)Pully: 100 kgBar supports: 200 kg

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