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Aquafitness neoprene webbed gloves - black

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A photo of the Aquafitness neoprene webbed gloves - black in use

Aquafitness neoprene webbed gloves - black : Our design team developed these gloves for Aquafitness fans or sea waders who want to intensify their exercises with more resistance.

Looking for more resistance in your water exercises? Aquafitness gloves increase the surface area of your hands in the water to intensify the resistance level.

Muscular workout

Vary your exercises to tone up your shoulders, back and biceps.


Work on several muscle groups in different exercises.


Soft and elastic material that fits the shape of your hands.

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Aquafitness neoprene webbed gloves - black
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like paddles

I use these for aquafitness as they increase resistance allowing my hands to act like paddles. I have had my original pair for over a year which I use four times a week. The binding around the cuff is only now starting to pull away hence a new pair.

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Swim gloves

Use these gloves all the time swimming. Inexpensive way of making you work harder. Far better than hand paddles.

Aqua fit gloves

Excellent bit of kit. Better than hand paddles

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Good fit

Snug fit

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Nabaiji Webbed Aquafit Gloves

Great product to work your arms and gain speed whilst swimming. The webbed fingers give that extra resistance and pull which will build upper body strength and noticeable definition.

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Aquafitness gloves

Really good idea, these have helped me when practising swimming in the pool and in open water.

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Water aerobic gloves

These water aerobic gloves are great !

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Work well

Good fit, quite comfortable. Using for aqua aerobics so sometimes wearing gloves is restrictive in holding equipment, so best used when not using equipment.

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Aqua fitness glove

Love them, good quality and price, they are a small fit.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase

I have never used these before and they really helped with training the arms in swimming. Less cumbersome than the paddle.

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Gloves great for Aqua aerobics

I use these 3-4 times a week for my aqua classes. they are perfect!

usefull gloves

good for swimming in the pool

Nabaiji Neoprene gloves

Good... . Happy with the purchase. I felt the extra workout using the gloves..

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase

Personally feel this gives a better workout due to the Neoprene texture compare to other brands like Speedo etc, and also a good grip on the pool tiles when I do my dips at the edge of the pool . I purchase a Size M thinking that it will expend overtime which it did but unfortunately it also cause a small rip tear at the thread hole. Advice users to get a size larger as it doesn't expand as much other brands due to the Neoprene material. Will get a size L next turn once the hole get bigger, overall still a good product.

icon-circle-checkmark Verified purchase

Hi Alvin!

Thank you for your review for the Aquafitness Neoprene Gloves Pair!

I'm happy to hear that this product works well for you! Yes! This gloves were made with neoprene material as it is soft adapts to the shape of your hand to give you a precise fitting. However, our sports advisors encourage all users to select one size bigger like you mentioned as it only expand a little after a couple of usage and to avoid any tear on the stitchings.

Nevertheless, I thank you personally for bringing this up as it will alert all potential customers to consider this before purchasing it. In fact, your feedback will be considered for our future product design process which might benefit millions of other users worldwide!

In the meantime, keep sporting on and we hope to see you in our stores soon!


Nor Azhimy Bin Mohd Senin

Omni-Channel Sports Leader

Decathlon Singapore

супер са

удобни и практични

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Rubber - Chloropren - Neopren

Outer fabric

  • 15% Elasthane
  • 85% Polyamide

Why do aquafitness or aqua aerobics?

Once in the water, the body becomes lighter and all movements become easier, even though the water creates more resistance than air and makes muscles work harder. Your muscles get a more intense workout without you even noticing. Aquafitness also has the added benefit of being a "low-impact" activity.So what are you waiting for? It's good for your body, your heart, your health and your mood!

Use the water’s resistance to strengthen and tone your body

Aquafitness gloves increase the surface area of your hands in the water and create extra resistance to strengthen your upper body, in particular your arms, back and shoulders.You tone your muscles gently while enjoying the benefits of being in the water.

Why work on toning your up muscles?

Toning up exercises correct the weak points of your body muscles. Strength training exercises using just your body weight or light resistance will build up your muscles in a particular zone. Toning and strength training are also very good exercises to enhance your physical fitness in addition to your sports activity. Use them to speed up your progress and boost your performance.

Product pack

The gloves are sold in pairs.

Directions for use

Slip on your AquaFitness gloves with the Nabaiji marking on the back of your hands.

The position to adopt for the exercises and a few examples of exercises

Basic position: keep your back straight with your feet on the ground and the tips of your feet pointing slightly outwards for greater stability, bend your knees and you are ready to start!

Exercise n°1: strengthen your shoulders and arms

> Adopt the basic position> With your elbows bent, position your hands at chest height and stretch them arms alternately on each side along your bust (towards the bottom of the pool), then return your arms one by one.

Exercise n°2: strengthen your back, shoulders and arms

> Adopt the basic position> With your elbows bent by your sides and the palms of your hands facing towards you, stretch each arm alternately, then move your bent shoulders backwards one by one, while rotating your shoulders from the front to the back.

Exercise n°3: build up your shoulder and arm muscles and strengthen your abdomen

> Adopt the basic position> With your elbows bent by your sides and the palms of your hands facing towards you, stretch each arm alternately crossways from left to right, while pivoting your bust to each side, then return to the initial position.

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