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Stand-Up Paddle Double-Action High-Pressure Hand Pump

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A photo of the Stand-Up Paddle Double-Action High-Pressure Hand Pump in use

Stand-Up Paddle Double-Action High-Pressure Hand Pump : Our team developed this high-pressure pump to inflate your inflatable stand-up paddle board to up to 20 psi.

The double-action high-pressure pump easily inflates SUPs to pressures of up to 20 PSI.

Ease of use

Two progressive modes of operation: 1/ high volume 2/ high pressure


Robust structure for high pressure. Wide handles.

Parameter measurement

Built-in 3-20 psi pressure gauge.Starts working once the SUP takes shape (3psi)


Heavy-duty hose with rotating head to prevent it disconnecting during inflation.

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Stand-Up Paddle Double-Action High-Pressure Hand Pump
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Gauge doesn’t work - ordered twice

My partner first bought this as a Christmas present for our son. Only to find the gauge doesn’t work when trying to inflate his ITIWIT paddle board on Christmas Day. Returned the pump and I re-ordered, only to try again today and the gauge doesn’t work on the replacement either. Cannot use as we have no idea what pressure we are inflating the paddle board to. Very disappointed and a shame he hasn’t been able to use his paddle board yet.

Gauge not working!

Pumps air in quite nicely, trouble is the gauge doesn't work so don't know what the pressure is. I now have to return the bloody thing. I am not the first person to have had this fault either.

Useful hand pump for inflating water sports items

Was useful and relatively ligfht to carry about. While fast at earlier stages of inflating paddleboard, not so good when going about 10psi.

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Gauge doesnt work

Very disappointed with the pump as the gauge doesnt work

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Tube unscrews from main body of pump during use

Ok, it does what it’s supposed to and it does inflate my SUP. It’s hard work, especially towards the end. The biggest issue is that once the SUP gets to a higher pressure around 7-15psi the tube unscrews from the body of the pump and I have to continually screw it back on again. Very annoying, especially since when this happens air escapes and it takes even longer to inflate! I have used this for almost a year, and initially I didn’t think too much of it. But this problem is worsening over time. Some advice would be welcomed Decathlon.

Gauge trouble

***HELP*** The gauge will not rise. I read that you need to pump and once the SUP forms shape, the gauge will work. The board was solid and the gauge still didnt rise. Im worried i will over inflate and damage the new SUP.

Its ok

Takes alot of work to use, good build quality though, and does what it says on the tin.

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Does not connect well to SUP

The valve does not stay connected to the SUP so falls out unless held in place. Pathetic. Will be returning for a refund

Dear Tom,

Thank you for your recent product feedback. We are sorry to hear that you could not use the SUP pump properly. We have not seen similar issue before when we used this model of the pump in stores or during outdoor tests. Looks like your item had some individual defect. We hope you were able quickly to exchange for new model and enjoyed SUP activities last summer.

Once again apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Kornel - Water Sports Commercial Leader

Paddle board pump

Works well for the price

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Gauge stuck?

Used the pump to inflate my new kayak to the started 1.5 psi but when I removed the hose the gauge stayed at 1.5. It will not go down again and now I can't tell the correct pressure when using the pump again. Will be returning for a refund.


The orange tube snapped the first time we used it

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Valve comes loose from pump

We have 3 of these pump, you need them of course to pump up the sup, do you can't have not one. All 3 of them have the same problem, the valve. Before buying ask information about this. Decathlon tell me they can't help me with in store purchases. So every time we want to use the sup, it is a struggle. Great service! Also telling my gender is ridiculous, reason why you need to tell gender :This information will be display. It helps to contextualize your review and makes it more useful. Odd

Works well, but not only for SUPs

Note this is the correct pump for the Itiwit X500 kayak, not the supposed "kayak" pump! It has a different connector and supports a higher pressure (up to 20 PSI) than for the other kayaks. Thanks very much to your store staff for swapping it and going to lengths to double check it was right. The pump is easy to use. As with other Itiwit products, it's clearly labelled on the pump that it has two modes, double pumping up to 5 PSI and single pump beyond that. It doesn't take long to pump up the kayak. The built in pressure gauge is great, much better than the separate one on the other models. As another reviewer mentioned, the hose does unscrew at higher pressures. I found I had to keep hold of the connector on the pump itself, hence 4/5 stars. The one on the kayak stayed perfectly.

Not suitable for all iSUP boards

I have given this only two stars as it does not work on my board.. Generally the pump seems well made and as with all Decathlon really good value!! But I purchased this as the pump supplied with my iSUP developed a fault and anyway I wanted something a bit lighter and less bulky when travelling by rail to reduce weight and create more space in the bag. However the hose connection to the valve in my iSUP does not lock into the valve, it just spins back out as soon as pressure is applied. So one hand would have to hold this in place. This makes pumping impossible or it becomes a two person activity. So I am returning it. I would recommend the pump but only if it had a universal connector to an iSUP valve


The paddle inflated in no time at all very good

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Polypropylene


  • 100% Polypropylene

Tube/Valve connector

  • 100% Polyethylene

Air chamber

  • 100% Aluminium

Sup inflation tips

1/ stand on flat and solid ground2/ screw the hose onto the pump3/ connect the hose to the SUP (valve raised)4/ close the cap of the pump body, its double action operation delivers 3.6 L with each up and down stroke5/ inflate the SUP until it reaches its full volume6/ as soon as pumping becomes difficult, open the cap, the pump then operates in single action (1.8 L with each down stroke)7/ inflate to the SUP's recommended pressure.

Storage tips

Roll up the hose, do not fold itStore the pump body and hose flat in the SUP bag.Do not stand on the pump or the hose.Clean off any sand, it can damage the seals.

Technical dimensions

Height: 61.5 cmWidth: 27.8 cmDepth: 10 cmHose length: approx. 120 cm70 mm diameter piston for easy high-volume inflation but high-pressure inflation takes a bit more effort.Pump weight: 1.4 kg

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