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SCALE 500 SCALES WITH IMPEDANCE METER - GLASS : Our designers have developed these scales to enable you to monitor your weight, body fat, muscle, bone and water mass via your smartphone.

Follow the progress of your body parameters: weight, fat, muscle, bone and water mass.

Parameter measurement

Measures weight, fat, muscle, bone and water mass


Graphic body fat mass indicator.


Automatic user detection. Up to 8 users.


Graduation: 100 g - Max weight: 150 kg

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Light and easy to use.

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works as expected & respects your privacy

You get a lot of data and it's quite an issue to copy it if you want to analyze and compare readings across a time span. On the other hand, the scale is inexpensive. I might benefit from bluetooth or wifi but this would come with the requirement for an app in your phone and/or an account in some foul website (read xiaomi mii band and friends), which is a privacy problem. To those who are complaining about different consecutive readings, I am startled that in the 21st century we have this kind of issues, but it happens with all the (electronic) scales I have had so far. I guess more expensive scales are more precise. My variations are not 1Kg per weigh but I don't think these are meaninful deviations, if you are not competing in any elite sport you don't need 500g up or down, I want reading spread across days and 1 Kg up or down is a normal variation that I don't consider having gained or lost weight. I want to see the trend along one week, two weeks, a month, etc.

Different weights all the time

I am so frustrated with this product. It gives me one weight one minute and then a weight the second time i weigh myself that is 5lbs heavier. I don't know my actual weight, which is the whole reason i bought a set of scales. I have read the instructions and followed the step by step guide posted as a reply to users on here experiencing the same issue so don't think to copy and paste the same answer to my comment. I want my money back.


I found it user friendly, no problem on that however, the problem is I use it, it shows my weight, 2 minutes later, I use it again, it differs almost more than 1 kg! To be sure, I weigh myself again to be sure of which is right, it shows a completely different kilogram than the last two!! And not just 100-200 grams but 1 or 1,5 kilograms.. It wasn't like this before. Please help if there is any solution because I am in a program and bought this scale to help me see exact changes in my weight. However, it is impossible to relize the changes with so many different calculations like I explained.

Bathroom scales

Easy to set up , very smart and modern

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Great piece of kit. Work's well And has plenty of features

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Weighing scale 500

How can I Reset the weighing scale

Looks good, Greta value

These scales are great value for what you get, it has the capacity to have several user’s information stored. Weight, BMI, water %, fat % even bone mass. Looks good too.

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This is just a glorified weighing scale.

It asks you to input height/age/sex/physical activity and then it weighs you. It doesn't analyse YOUR body ,it just uses the data that you entered and uses it in a formula to give you the body fat/bonemass/water % that an average person of your height/age/sex has. Look up online, there are formulas for calculating body fat and other parameters based on BMI age and sex. There is only 1-2% difference between the values I calculated with the formula and the value this machine shows. its quite evident when you change the age or sex that you input, when me a mid 20s male uses it, it shows 15% body fat,3kg bone mass,45% muscle mass. When the same "me" stands on it but sets sex to female, body fat become ~24%,muscle mass ~35%, when age set to 60 male, bone mass becomes 2.2kg, muscle mass ~35%. This clearly shows its not analysing your body, that its just using your BMI/age/sex in a formula Some people say this type of body scales are not to get your precise body makeup but to "track your body fat etc"....which makes no sense because when your weight changes To put it shortly, you are paying 2-3x the price of a normal weighing scale, just to get a weighing scale that crunches the formula for you, You can do what this machine does by yourself if you have a regular weighing scale and the calculator app on your smartphone

Weighing machine

I was looking for some more options

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It is just like a basic model

Though it shows all data related to weight, bmi and all those stuff it does not connect to any app to store that data.

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Hello Manjesh,

I hope you and your family are keeping safe and sound. I am sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant experience with our Scale 500 weighing scale.

I understand your concern but currently, we do not have the provision where you can connect your weighing scale with the app. As in this scale, you can create and save 8 user profiles, so it will show the last profile data measured on the scale by any of the profiles. However, your feedback has been acknowledged, and we will work on that.

If you require more assistance, you may contact me directly. I would be eager to hear more feedback about our walking range. 



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Good product

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Nice to have it

Very good control over our diet

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Additional Product informations



  • 60% Glass - Mineral
  • 10% Stainless Steel
  • 30% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Inside room

  • 10% Glass - Mineral
  • 80% PCBA
  • 10% Battery - NI(OH)2

Health monitoring

Weight measurement. Calculates your body fat, muscle and water mass. Measures bone mass.

Body fat mass indicator

A visual indicator shows your body fat level compared with the ideal level for your profile.

Ease of use

Large screen for better visibility. Comes on automatically.

Memory capacity

With the Scale 500, you can configure up to 8 user profiles.

Fits perfectly in your home

The Scale 300's uncomplicated design and compact size will make it fit in perfectly to your home. Thickness: 23.5 mm / Width: 306.5 mm / Length: 306.5 mm


Batteries included. Works with 3 AAA batteries.


Graduation: 100 grams

3 units

Kilogrammes / Pounds / Stones

Guarantee & after-sales service

DECATHLON products come with a 2-year warranty. If you have any questions, please visit our support website You will find tips for succesful product use: user guides, user FAQs and video tutorials. In order to give you the best possible support, the support team is at your disposal 24 hours a day to answer your questions.

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