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RC 120 Disc Road Bike, Navy/Orange - Microshift

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Model: 8545836

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A photo of the RC 120 Disc Road Bike, Navy/Orange - Microshift in use

RC 120 Disc Road Bike, Navy/Orange - Microshift : We have designed this bike to make it easy for riders to make progress. Its versatility and 2x8 speeds will allow you to explore any kind of road

Make progress thanks to a versatile bike!Its comfort geometry, aluminium frame, carbon fork and disc brakes allow you to take on any type of path.

Cycling comfort

Comfortable geometry, raised position, adjustable stem, carbon fork, alu frame

Brake control

Mechanical disc brakes: effective and progressive, even in damp conditions


Inserts for pannier rack & mudguards, compatible with 32 mm tyres max

Sitting comfort

The new ErgoFit saddle guarantees long-lasting comfort.

Lifetime warranty

Triban offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, stem, handlebar and rigid fork.

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RC 120 Disc Road Bike, Navy/Orange - Microshift
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New bike

Seems good for the money spent!

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1st Road Bike in 35 Years.

Used to race Mountain Bikes but too hard on the road. Did some research and the RC120 seemed to be a good buy. I’ve had it about 5 months now and done over 300 miles on hilly Yorkshire roads. Am a lot fitter now and even lost a few pounds. The bike has been good with only the niggle of a broken right shifter that the Worksop changed under warranty. Bike is like new again and I’m more than happy with it.

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Good bike

High quality materials, I’m so impressed with this bike, so comfortable when riding and also brings high speed and versatility. Probably one of the best bikes when starting your trip on this amazing hobby Perfect if you want it to go work / if you will use it for trips it’s a beginner bike so don’t compare it with high price bikes. I’m happy with my purchase :)

Fantastic bike, at a fantastic price!

It might have it's foibles, but it's no slouch. This bike is both a perfect entry into road cycling, and a great second bike for today already accustomed to the sport. Don't let the lack of Shimano groupset fool you, the Microshift R8 derailleurs and cassette are more than adequate, I'd even go so far as saying they're better than the equivalent Shimano Claris arrangement. This bike has everything you might want in a road bike at a steal of a price - disc brakes, light weight (at this price point), a decent groupset and (unlike any other bike under £500) tubeless ready rims; a £100+ upgrade at least to purchase separately

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Bike purchase

Fortunately I travelled to Sheffield to pick up first order however they had wrong g size But in hindsight the two bike technicians there recommended a large rather than a medium for the model I was purchasing. Proved to be good advice So all is good - my friend - the bike was a great fit - loves it - so all is good

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449£ for less than 7 days of (frustrating) use

Do not buy this bike. 1. The gears don't change properly. I spent 2 hours 'fine tuning' the gearing mechanisms to try to make this bike rideable but there are quite a few defects that are not down to tuning, but bad, cheap, messy design. 2. The back tyre burst after the 7th day of use. For 449£, you got to rationalise why it "isn't so bad", so I figured I'll just replace the tyres and live with the gears. I am now wishing I had read more of the bad reviews. The tyres are apparently hell to remove, and so many other things have apparently failed for people after just a few weeks of use. If you want to play with death by using this on busy roads, or just fancy throwing 449£ down the toilet, this is definitely your choice.

Don't get a puncture

This bike is decent for the money, but the tyres are extremely difficult to get off the rims if you need to change the inner tube. I got a puncture after riding the bike back from the store. I have managed to change the inner tube but it took me about 90 mins + lots of elbow grease. Amazed I didn't burst the other inter tube doing it as I had to be pretty heavy handed. So it is doable, but certainly not looking forward to it happening again (especially if I was out on a ride). Gears change smoothly, and it's comfortable to ride so far (yet to take it out for more than an hour) but compared to my other bike it feels great. Still recommend this despite the inner tube issue, but just an FYI!

Hi Jamie, I have the same wheels on my bike and I can confirm that the tyres are a tight fit. You should find that after they've been removed once the beading will stretch a bit and it will become easier. Really glad to hear you're enjoying the bike apart from that, remember any issues are workshop team are here to give you a hand.

Have a great week!

Marc Cuckson Store Manager DECATHLON SURREY QUAYS

has put me off cycling

I purchased this bike after finding my past love of cycling renewed during the lockdown I didn't have the largest budget so this bike looked ideal, unfortunately it has issues To begin with there was, what I thought was front derailluer, chain rub, my local cycle mechanic came out to check the problem, it turns out it is the chain rubbing on the front cassette in several gears, so could not be adjusted out As the gears in question are more or less duplicated in other gears i decided that I could live with it, but it is still mildly annoying But then the front brake pads started to rattle in the caliper, which led me to discover they cannot be removed until they are worn down, at least without totally dismantling the caliper, which is beyond my comfort zone As I cannot afford to get it fixed at the moment, the bike has been put to one side and I'm back in my car, which has left me feeling disappointed in my purchase choice as I do not think I had travelled 100 miles on it before the second issue Maybe I just got unlucky and recieved a bad bike as I bought it when bike stocks were low

Great bike for a step up towards serious biking

OK, so perhaps it's not a top end sport bike. But it's ideal for a beginner or 'born again' biker looking for a keep fit and weekend bike - possibly even touring or mild racing, but that's outside my experience. I am 5'8 so on the cusp of the Small and Medium sizes. I chose Small and it fits me pretty well. If you follow the video it's easy to complete assembly, although I could have done with a video on how to use the gear changers. It's important to bed the brakes in otherwise you just won't stop, and it's a shame you have to go looking for videos on how to do this although it's common sense, really. The saddle is great - the best of four I've had in the past, so you shouldn't need to change that. Tyres are good and haven't punctured, yet! You may well need to index the gears to get them running quietly and efficiently. My one minor beef is the choice of gears. For me personally it took a while to find a gear that gave me the right cadence for mile munching on the flat and up mild hills. My last bike had a 'Goldilocks gear' that was perfect for me. On the Triban one gear was too low, one was too high. But you get used to what you've got in the end. In summary, great bike, you can't go wrong for the price. Weak point: instructional videos / instructions could be more comprehensive.

Get something else if you want to change tyres

Unfortunately I have to warn people to not buy this bike. I got a puncture on first day, so I decided to get new tyres as i can understand that a cheap bike will have bad tyres. After 3 hours, lots of soap, 2 people, some very big painful blisters, 2x 1 hour round trips to decathlon store workshops, and the tyres are still not on. One workshop did manage to get it on but popped the innertube and didnt have a replacement to give me. So I am left with a bike that I cannot ride. A quick look on the internet (these reviews and reddit) and there are countless other stories on this problem, one man burst his finger open and had to cut his brand new tyres off. I regret ignoring these stories now. Long story short, if you want to replace the tyres (which you will unless you like punctures) then get another bike or you'll have to spend £150+ on a new set of wheels that fits the bike - which puts this bike at the same price of a Trek with shimano gears. Sadly for me, I'm stuck with a bike that i used for 3 miles, and is now junk and decathlon will not replace the wheels.

Starter Bike

I got this bike as a beginner and don't plan on doing any super fast races etc. so it's perfect for my needs. I'm a 5ft3 woman and the XS is great and I don't think it's necessary to buy a woman specific bike. However, a couple of comments. It arrived without pedals, lights or a bell as advertised on the site. But with an email to Decathlon, they quickly resolved this and sent the missing parts out a few days later. I have had some issues with the chain and gears slipping. The chain was rubbing on the front derailleur when in a higher gear and the back gears would slip when riding along. Although Decathlon do offer 3 months free service for new bikes, which is great, with everything going on it made it tricky to get to a store due to our closest stores being closed still. But buying a new bike you'd hope not to have any issues. I guess that fact it gets delivered in a box doesn't help. I had to get a bike shop to look at it and they think it's a great bike, it has some Shimano bits and pieces, however, they did say the drive train isn't great quality. Perhaps something to upgrade if I get into cycling more seriously. Overall a good bike for what I need it for.

Really good bike!

This is my first road bike and for a first bike, I can honestly not fault this bike. First of all, it is a very good looking bike. Brakes and gears are really good. The only thing that annoys me that they are not shimano but this doesn't mean they don't perform well, it just annoys me! Apart from that everything is great. It is very light bike and always ready for a challenge whether that is a hill climb or a sprint. Obviously you wouldn't go for this bike if you are a pro but considering you can spend nearly £800 for the same spec with other brands, this bike is an absolute steal!

Great Bike

I bought this bike about 1.5 months ago if I recall properly, to this day I've got a little bit over 550km on it. The group set isn't the greatest, I've been having issues with it where it skips a cog sometimes, not sure why that might be. I also don't live near a store so I can't take it in, so I'll have to set if I can take it to a local bike shop I guess. Great bike tho, and if you're looking into getting something like this on a budget I would suggest it. I know I might not win any races, but I'm on it to ride and get excercise, so it meets my needs. Also Decathlon customers service is great and they helped me over the phone a lot.

Triban RC 120 Disc

This is my first road bike and I am very happy with it. I got size L which is perfect for me (I'm 180cm tall). it is a fast bike, the gears are well chosen (incl. 34-34 for climbing), brakes and shifting (after a quick indexing) work very well. The rims are tight, but I could easily replace the tires with new Conti GrandPrix 28c and also with Michelin Pro4 Endurance (which I have now since I like them in 25c). I use it for commuting in the city, and for occasional longer tours. Its all I need, and can only recommend it. Shipping was also fast as described on the website.

Za málo peněz hodně muziky

Kolo mám jen pár dnů a najel jsem na něm pouze 150 km, ale zatím jsem nadmíru spokojený. Hezký, čistý design, dobré jízdní vlastnosti, vynikající poměr cena/kvalita. Snad vydrží co nejdéle :-)

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Aluminium

Choosing the right size bike

You should choose the size of your bike based on your height, as well as your build (arm span and leg length).If you are between sizes, the smaller size will give you a more athletic position, while the larger size will give you a more comfortable position.XS 155 165 cmS 165 173 cmM 173 182 cmL 182 190 cmXL 190 200 cmYou can try the Triban 120 non-disc bike, which has exactly the same geometry, in our stores.Certain stores offer a bike fit service.


Comfort-oriented frame geometry with a higher steering socket and a shorter top tube that offers a more upright position than a classic road frame.6061 T6 aluminium sloping frame with semi-integrated headset.Frame weight, size M: 1930 g


Carbon fork that is more lightweight and offers more precise directional control.Aheadset 1"1/8 head tube that provides great strength and rigidity to the steering assembly.Inserts in the fork to fit a pannier rack.Maximum load on the fork: 9 kg

Handlebar / stem / steering

Ergonomic handlebars for better grip and greater comfort.Handlebar width end to end: XS, S: 400 mm.M, L:420 mm.XL: 440mmStem lengthXS: 80 mmS: 80 mmM: 100mmL: 110mmXL: 110 mm


High-precision, sturdy Microshift 8-speed shifter. Very comfortable ergonomy: shifter with a pleasant feel, whatever the shape or size of the hand. Front Shimano derailleur and high-precision Microshift rear derailleur

Crankset / cassette

Microshift CS-H081 11-34 cassette(11/13/15/18/21/24/28/34)Shimano Tourney double chainring 50/34 crankset.Cranks: 170 mm


Promax DSK-300R disc brakes.160mm disc brakes at front and rearJAGWIRE anti-compression housing to ensure braking precision and efficiencySemi-metal pads, item code: 8562868 (available February 2020)


Triban Tubeless ready* wheels6063T6 aluminiumETRTO dimensions: 622 x 17 C24mm high for greater lateral rigidityCrossed steel spokes for improved rigidity (28 front and 28 rear)Sealed bearingsWeight per pair (without cassette and QR): 2200 g* To switch to Tubeless, you'll need a pair of Tubeless Ready tyres and a conversion kit including 2 tubeless valves + 2 rim strips + bottle of anti-puncture liquid.


Triban Resist+ tyres410gSkinwall stiff bead1 mm nylon anti-puncture protectionDurable carcass: 55 TPI.Dimensions: 28c-622 / 700 x 28c for greater comfortMax pressure: 8 bar / 116 psi.These tyres are NOT Tubeless Ready

Saddle/seat post

New Triban ErgoFit saddle. Hammock design for greater comfort. Aluminium Triban seat post. Easy saddle adjustmentDiameter: 27.2mm.Length: 350mm in M / L / XL, 250mm in XS / S


Hybrid platform pedals.

Accessories / equipment

Bike supplied with a front and rear light and a bell


11.25kg in size M without pedals

Which pannier rack can you put on the rc120 disc?

The only compatible pannier rack is the:- 500 ONESECONDCLIP PANNIER RACK (ref: 8364376)Type the reference number into the search box on the Decathlon website to find this product.

Which pannier rack can you put on the rc120 disc?

The only compatible pannier rack is the:- 500 ONESECONDCLIP PANNIER RACK (ref: 8364376)Type the reference number into the search box on the Decathlon website to find this product.

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