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Lockable Pull-Up Bar - 100 cm

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Our passionate weight training team designed this pull-up bar for easy bodyweight workouts at home.

Want a bar that's quick to put up? Try our Pull-Up Bar: it can be installed without any screws for an upper body workout in a flash.

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Sale price: 13.000 KD

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A photo of the Lockable Pull-Up Bar - 100 cm in use


The bar can hold a load of up to 100 kg without screws and 120 kg with screws


Build up your back, arms and abs with a single accessory!

Easy assembly / dismantling

Install and remove the bar easily with the tool-free mounting system.

Compact design

Easily store the bar under a bed or in a closet.


Spare parts available for 10 years.

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Lockable Pull-Up Bar - 100 cm
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Pull up bar

Blue loch mechanism complete snapped off and it does not fit the door way at all. Selected the option to print a receipt but it did not print. Waste of money.

Broken locking mechanism

After a a few months of use the blue plastic locking mechanism completely fell apart. Which really sucked because its actually a pretty good pull up bar.

Great product!

I managed to fix it in between two narrow walls and it works perfectly, very happy with this purchase.

Perfect bar for home gym

Easy assembly and perfect door integration. Great product for home workout

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Not sturdy

Its not stable to handle weight

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Very Good But Large

Very good quality but I ordered large.. smaller ordered again just now..

Easy to install

Robust and easy to install equipment. We have installed it in the doorway between two walls and it's working well. Not sure if it'll be as robust if put on the doorframe though. no issues till now for 85 kgs weight. Good product, little pricey but would hopefully be utilised over the next few years.

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Excellent product. Little pricey.

I could install it in less than 5 minutes and got going. No hassles thereafter. The lock seems to be superfluous.

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Worth the price

Great product, worth the price.

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Wonderful Product

Earlier I used 70cm bar which costs 1500 I bought on 2018 I did around 5000 pushups dips pulups and lunges on it. Now I once again bought the bar because of it wonderful performance but the only concern is the rate is got highed around 600rs got increased in the matter of three years. This needs to be changed rate must be more frugal.

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Just as expected

Terrible Product EXTREMELY RISKY

First and foremost, it is badly titled. When it says the bar is 100 cm, you expect that to mean it goes UP TO 100 cm. But the bar itself is 100 cm, even when fully contracted. It ended up being too large for our doors. This product is very difficult to actually put up. You have to ensure that it is absolutely straight and that the ends are completely flat with the wall, or it will slip. I was very skeptical of these friction pull up bars and today my suspicions were confirmed. It's a terrible idea. I'm 65 kg and this product couldn't even hold me up. It slipped and I fell, and could have badly injured myself. It's unwieldy and does not do the one thing it is meant to do: hold your weight. It keep slipping and moving, and does not work as advertised. What am I supposed to use it on, some ultra smooth specilaised surface? If it cannot work on a generic wall or door frame, what's the point? You cannot do a pull up because you're constantly worried that it will slip and focusing on balance instead. It's also tedious to ensure that it is tight. It comes with no tools and all you can do is tighten it the best you can and hope the flimsy plastic brace will hold. I probably could have done more tests or tried to find a more suitable position, but those are risky. I did fall hard once, and after that every test is simply an ever increasing risk of injury. If I'm going to pay 3000 rs for a fancy stick, then at least the fancy stick shouldn't threaten my well being. TL;DR: Save money and buy a proper pull up bar instead. This thing is not worth the risk and effort. Very dissapointed that Decathlon has allowed such a product to be on the page. The whole reason I bought it here instead of amazon is because I expect Decathlon to be a garuntee of quality and safety, and not just a roll of the dice and hoping for the best.

good product

Ensure safety and grip is good

Buy this only if you need size more than 85cm

Till 90cm the shorter one will work ,so buy shorter ones.When needed beyond 90cm buy this.

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Additional Product informations



  • 80% Steel
  • 5% Thermoplastic Polyurethane
  • 15% Rubber - Nitrile Butadiene Rubber - Dry

A pull-up bar designed for both you and your home.

With the Pull-Up Bar, our design team has created a bar that adapts to your home instead of the other way round!With its press-in installation system, there's no need to drill holes in your wall to set it up.The patented bar-lock system lets you work out safely. The result: stronger back muscles with your deposit back to boot!Please note: do not install this bar against drywall.

How to install your pull-up bar

Without screws: Start by adjusting the length of your bar by turning the two bar ends.Then, tighten the central part of the bar to make the final adjustments.To ensure your bar doesn't come loose during use, slip the blue ring into one of the two notches.You can do pull-ups on either side of the bar without worrying.With screws: drill holes at the desired height, using a level to check that they're even, and insert the screws and tips.

What are the dimensions of the pull-up bar?

The pull-up bar extends from 95 cm to 120 cmThe blue end pieces are 4.7 cm in diameter

What exercises can you do with a pull-up bar?

For strength training and bodybuilding, a pull-up bar lets you work your upper body using suspension exercises: biceps, back, shoulders, pecs and even abs. Doing pull-ups in an underhand position (palms towards you) works your biceps. An overhand position (palms away from you) will give your back a stronger workout.And for your abs? Use the bar to do leg/knee raises.

Pull-ups for beginners

Lifting your own bodyweight is often one of the first challenges when doing bodyweight training. Beginners can start with resistance bands which allow users to adjust the bodyweight needed during their workout.Once you are able to do pull-ups, you can then wear a weighted vest to increase the difficulty!

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