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Light and Flexible Boxing Shoes 500 - Black

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A photo of the Light and Flexible Boxing Shoes 500 - Black in use

Light and Flexible Boxing Shoes 500 - Black : Boxers looking for flexible, lightweight shoes for training or competitions.

Looking for more flexibility and grip while in the ring? Enjoy superior feel with each step thanks to a shoe that is flexible, lightweight, and has good grip.


Box while on your toes, thanks to a thin flexible sole.


The full-rubber outsole provides your footwork with better grip on the floor.


Enjoy a lightweight shoe with a mesh upper. Weighs only 200 g (size 10 M).

Joint support

A plastic stiffener at the heel holds the ankle in place.

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232 reviews

Light and Flexible Boxing Shoes 500 - Black
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Not suitable for boxing so not fit for purpose

Decathlon normally produce some good quality products, sad to say this one is not fit for its intended purpose. Was going to use them just for training but just trying them on and throwing a few basic straight shots, I can see they are going to cause an injury. Due to the mesh sock like fabric that its made up of there is far too much give, tie them up tighter and they just become uncomfortable around the fastenings. As a boxer its all about foot work and using your legs and torso to get maximum amount of power, if you twist for a punch in these your foot is going to end up on the outside of the sole and you will end up with a severely twisted ankle or foot injury. Need to have more support around the middle of the foot and the ankle. Will be returning them unfortunately.

Thanks a lot to give us your opinion on  Lightweight Flexible Boxing Shoes 500. I'm really sorry to hear about your experience with our shoes. Your feedback are incredibly accurate and relevant. Thanks a lot. I know our boxing product managers are working in a new shoes that will be released at the end of the year and your comments will help the development. Please keep your confidence on us, we will provide you a better boxing shoes.
Thanks a lot. 
Kind regards

Boxing boots

Nice lightweight and flexible

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Why have these took so long!

Used the Adidas boots before, but these just feel great on, and training. Another great bit of kit from Decathlon.

These feel great

Happy I bought these - extremely light and comfortable boxing shoes offering excellent grip and balance, and definitely superior to generic sneakers for training.

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love this shoe

I use it for Tae Kwon Do and lots of skipping. Light weight and comfortable.

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Favorite And Satisfied

Material quality is good and good grip sole .Thanks to Decathlon


Makes Kick Boxing so easy

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Light and good grip

Lightweight shoes with just the right amound of grip. There isn’t much ankle support but that’s too be expected. My only criticism would be that the laces are too short, which makes putting them on a clumsy process. Only time will tell if they’re durable.

First impressions

It's just a day since I wore this shoes and I thought I should let those who are looking for a boxing shoes know what this shoes is all about. I used to train in my trainers at Cult, Bangalore. The floor is of rubber material and this means the sole of my shoes worn of quicker that it would. I have been researching if I need to get a boxing shoes as I have been training for 1yr. The first impression while wearing the shoes is the heel support you feel. Boxing shoes are meant to support the heel to avoid injuries due to slipping or falling. The shoes has strong heel support giving you the confidence of moving back and forth. It's lightweight and is almost flat. This is essential for all boxing shoes as boxers need mobility and support. I could feel the ease of movement compared to my trainers. I feel that I was restricted in my movement compared to when I'm wearing my boxing shoe. The movement is an important feature as boxers tend to pivot and use their front foot a lot. The shoe is designed to help you pivot and land on your toes. Since the weight is evenly distributed, I could feel if I was using my heels to move or my front feet. About the sole of the shoe. If you look at typical boxing shoe sole, the design is based on the need for boxers to move in a boxing mat. This is a problem in rubber floor that Cult has. The shoe can wear off very soon. The sole of this shoe doesn't look so soft or made for boxing mats. It looks more for training purpose. I can't tell how long it will last at the moment. Only with time I will be able to know the durability of the shoe. It looks well knight and the extended support the sole has gives me confidence that the shoe will hold good for some time. I highly recommend this shoe if this is your first time attempt at any boxing shoes.

Boxing shoes

Reasonably good for beginners and intermediate

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Power Grip

The size is slightly larger than I expected, though I baught it online. The grip from the sole of the shoe is very impressive, it is very lightweight and comfortable to use. As an amateur boxer I would recommend this as an investment for boxers like me.

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High quality but reasonably priced boxing shoes!

I love the feel, the weight and the performance of this boxing shoes. Perfect for my daily workouts!

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Super good


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The shoes for an Arnisador

For many months I have been searching and going through different types of shoes that would be excellent for my sport Arnis since I compete. Every shoe I have gone through has come from different sports and though excellent in the beginning, they do not retain its quality very well when it comes to the standards of effective Arnis footwear. In fact I have not heard about footwear that is effective for specific combat sports, until now. Though I knew these shoes were made for boxing, it was displayed with Arnis equipment. Though it took some thought, I realized that these were the shoes I was looking for. Lightweight, durable, and appropriately tight. Wearing these shoes felt like putting on a net on my feet, and my dexterity in Arnis seems to have greatly improved. As the gum soles of this shoes help keep a player in control of his/her movements. As an Arnis player and enthusiast of competitive sword play, I highly recommend these shoes for full contact combat for how well they give an edge to a user's movement. To the Arnis players; though not ideal for something like Anyo, it is an excellent product for events such as puntos or live stick.

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Light weight boxing shoes

It’s really light, adequate grip and faux leather , what is there to complain? The finished product a very futuristic look! Love it!

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for the review about our product!

We are glad you are pleased with the product and we are very happy to hear from you that we indeed are your preferred stop & shop for your essential sports and leisure wear & apparels. We truly believe that they are up to your expectations too, and certainly that they’re worth the money you spent on them. 

We, in Decathlon, always strive to make sports available to everyone via our products at affordable prices, and we hope you are amongst those that have benefitted from this objective. We hope to see you in our stores again!

Sport On!


Your friendly Sports Advisor

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Additional Product informations


Outer sole of

  • 100% Rubber - Butadiene Rubber

Upper of

  • 70% Polyester
  • 30% Polyurethane

Lining and sock of

  • 100% Polyester

A sole with good grip and energy transfer

Boxers stay on their toes as they box. This is why we designed a flexible shoe with a sole that is thin and flexible (providing your steps and footwork with a more responsive feel) and made of rubber (for better grip and resistance to wear).We also added cushioning, with an EVA pad under the heel.The result is a sole with good grip that is flexible and which helps transfer energy from each step, pivot and push, from your toes to your gloves!

Introducing a lightweight and flexible shoe

To help you stay on your toes and keep moving all throughout each round, we designed our 500 boxing shoe to fit like a glove!With a mid-high mesh upper, your shoe is well ventilated, flexible and lightweight, and barely weighs 200 grammes!We've also added durability by stitching 3D mesh to the outside of the shoe.The result is a shoe that easily responds to all of your footwork!

A shoe with a great design we'll explain

In addition to flexibility and weight, we've also thought about support,adding a rubber stiffener at the back of the heel to provide your ankle with good support. Glued TPU on the contour of the foot as well as the edge of the tongue makes the shoe more durable without adding stitches!Lastly, it has thin and durable laces, a wide opening, and a loop on the heel, all of which make it easy for you to put your 500 boxing shoes on!

We are pleased to present...

Our first boxing shoe! for starters, we wanted to offer boxers plenty of flexibility and grip.So our six-person design team did a number of studies, designs and prototypes, and especially lots of field tests to get your feedback and be able to offer you greater flexibility, grip, and support.We're proud to present a shoe that can truly follow all of your movements!

Why wear a shoe that helps you improve your footwork?

Julien, our Outshock product manager, talks about footwork while boxing."Footwork is the key in boxing; it all starts there. The goal is to stay on your toes and keep your legs bent, to allow you to transfer as much energy forward as possible. A punch starts in the foot and travels through the leg, the waist and the torso to reach the arm. This is why we wanted a lightweight shoe that allows boxers to move around, and with more grip so they can pivot and transfer energy effectively."

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