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KIPRUN LONG WOMEN'S RUNNING SHOES : Our designers, who are runners themselves, have developed these shoes for your long-distance training sessions and races on roads and trails.

This shoe provides ideal cushioning and stability for long distances, for training and races from 10km to marathon distance.


K-RING ring-shaped cushion technology and new exclusive Kalensole sole material


ARKSTAB: a TPU resin piece to guarantee better stability.

Fitting comfort

Reinforced foam under the insole for optimal comfort.

Energy return

The exclusive Kalensole material gives extra propulsion.


270 grammes in size 5.5

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Great running shoe

I use these all the time for running love them

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Excellent value for a great pair of running shoes

Bought in a sale at the beginning of the year, when I was marathon training. Didn’t have much expectation, and wasn’t keen on the boring blue colour. Bought a half size bigger to allow for feet swelling. Well I’ve run over 1000kms in them, and they still have quite a bit of life in them. They have done me proud, no injuries, no blisters, no holes anywhere and still quite a bit of tread left,. Even at their normal price, I’ve had more wear in them than previous branded shoes I’ve bought

Very Squeaky

I'm a neutral runner and run around 30-35 miles per week. The shoes are fine - a little less roll/propulsion than I might like, but nothing to complain about. My problem with the shoes is that the hard plastic part in the mid-sole has started to squeak, on each foot strike (started at around 100 miles). On both feet. Can be overcome with loud music, but is pretty annoying and as a result I would not buy these again.

Not good for me

These shoes are supposed to be good for a mid to long run. I have run a max of 5 miles in these on each run and find that they make the balls of feet sore and even blister and I’ve only done a total of 80 miles in them.

Very comfortable

I bought last year's model in the sales as an impulse purchase, after liking the look of them and trying them on in store. They're really comfortable, probably even more so than my main shoe, the Brooks Adrenaline. I have narrow feet and overpronate. I use superfeet insoles in all my running shoes, including these. I've run probably 150 miles in them so far. I tend to use them for runs up to 10 miles, though that's simply because I prefer to wear my adrenalines for longer runs as they're specifically for over pronators. I'm sure they'd be fine over 10 miles though. The grip felt a bit off at 1st but improved after a bit of use. I'll be keeping an eye in the sales later in the year for another bargain, though you can't really complain at the current price.



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Very happy so far

I've had these for a month now, and done various road runs of 60-100mins. I find them comfy and no problems as yet. I take a size 39 in normal shoes but always go with size 40 for running so chose size 40 again. Before this I had to return a non-Decathlon pair for being too narrow so was pleased to find some that feel right as I like space around my toes.

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Too narrow

These were too narrow for me but I do have wide feet. Returned without any problems.

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Hi Eva,

Thank you very much for taking your time to write this review. It's always nice to hear that our customers are happy with our products.


Looking forward to next update in the shoe!

I have run several marathons in the Kalenji LONG shoe range. I have the previous two versions of these shoes too. They are the perfect 6.5 uk size for me. However, I was slightly disappointed that the laces on these trainers tend to come off rather easily even when tied tight. Also, the grip on the soles seems to have been slightly changed - it's less grippy on wet surfaces/wet tarmac slightly. I am looking forward to the new version of these shoes. I do over 1000 miles a year and easily go through a couple of pairs of shoes per year. I've stopped wasting money on any other branded shoes as these fit me best. I have seen a few reviews that these shoes may have caused some users pain in their hips, etc. A lot of running coaches will always say that it's not usually a shoe that is the cause of most aches or pains - strength training is very important (glutes exercises, squats, hip exercises) and most runners ignore these and often blame the shoe. I, too, was one of those! Not any more tho - strength training has made me a stronger and better runner. And I stick to Kalenji shoes :) Job done.

Perfect running shoes

I have had these shones a couple of weeks and run about 45Kim in them so far. They are very comfy, I would but then again.

Not good for long distances

I got these shoes a couple of weeks ago. I’ve worn them a few times and I was pleased with them. They felt springy and comfortable. But I did a 10k today and I was in agony. My right foot has a huge blister on the inside at the front just above the arch. The inside of the right shoe felt hard. So disappointed in these shoes because I had raced about them at first and I bought them for longer distances.

Hi Nadia,
Thanks for your feedback, it is really valuable to us. I have already passed the feedback on this model to the Product Managers, who are already working on the improvement of this model to avoid this issue.
Do not hesitate to visit your local store and speak to our Sport Expert in Running, to see the issues with the Shoes, and to potentially find a model which suits you best.
Federico, Running Leader
Rubbish, no support whatsoever

Always buy Asics Gel Kayano for overpronation running trainers. Like running on a cushion. Decathlon haven't had any for ages. Asked lady in running dept for other overpronation options. She said the Kiprun Long are made with support for neutral, under or over pronation. Decathlon supposedly done lots of research on this. Lady said she has run a marathon in them. OK she convinced me to buy them. Done 3 runs. Agony. I can feel my feet over pronating as I run and no support to help them. Left side hip joint agony which is quite often caused by overpronation. Right side achilles pain, ankle pain and shin splints. Feels like I am running bear foot on the pavements, roads with no shoes on at all. Usually only get shin splints when my trainers need replacing when I have run miles in them.You get what you pay for. 59.99 against 159.99 for Asics Gel Kayano. Trouble is I have now taken label off but can't run in them so I have wasted my money. Also laces not long enough to double bow so they keep coming undone at least every half mile.

Dear Suzanne,  

Thank you for your review, we were very sorry to hear you were unhappy with the product. Kalenji develop our products with the aim to satisfy our customers and they are continuously looking to improve.
Therefore, we value your feedback and will be sure to pass it on. Next year there will be further developments in the product and more changes will be made. We hope you will be more satisfied with our products in the future.
As a result of your discontent regarding our product, we can offer you a full refund or exchange, providing you can display proof of receipt.
Thank you 
Best I've ever had

I'm a supinator and overweight and have hypermobility. Yay, great combo! These are genuinely the only running shoes I've had that work for all of these issues. Comfortable, supportive in the right places, with enough wiggle room in the other right places. Great shoe. Gonna buy a backup pair!

can't wear them

I had the previous version of these - loved them and wore them until they wore out. bought these a few weeks ago - can't wear them - feet are in agony they cause me so much discomfort. I have plenty of room in the toes but have constant pins and needles, building to a lot of pain. disappointed this time

Hi Pamela,
Thanks for taking the time to write to us regarding this model. So far we have fantastic feedback about this new model. So I would suggest you to bring those back to your local store and to see with our Local Running Experts if there is anything wrong with this item, and to help you choose the most suitable Running Shoes for yourself.
Federico, Running Leader
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Additional Product informations


Outer sole of

  • 38% Rubber - Synthetic
  • 6% Thermoplastic Polyethylene
  • 56% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Upper of

  • 11% Thermoplastic Polyurethane
  • 35% Polyester
  • 54% Polyurethane

Lining and sock of

  • 100% Polyester


The height difference between the back and front of the sole is 10mm.

Cushioning concepts

K-RING: The K-ring is an exclusive rear cushioning technology in the form of a ring located in the heel. The hole in the middle disperses the shock wave.Kalensole: EVA foam midsole, 3 years to create an exclusive material which improves shock-absorption by 34%, provides 25% more energy response, offers improved temperature stability and a durability of up to 1000 km.

All strides

K-Only: Exclusive Kalenji technology that makes our shoes suitable for every stride type thanks to the denser foam located under the first metatarsus.This innovative technology is the result of a six-month study with a sample of 372 runners conducted by the Luxembourg Institute of Health*. After 12,558 training sessions, 12,094 hours and 116,723 km of running, the study demonstrated that the K-Only technology suits all types of strides, whether they are pronator, neutral or under-pronator.


Arkstab: A piece of TPE resin positioned at the midfoot provides better stability.

New features in 2018

More comfortable and hard-wearing.- new insole fabric and design to reduce overheating when running long distances.- new Arkstab design for increased stability.- flat laces for more precise fastening and stronger knots.- changes to the design of the forefoot upper for more flexibility

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