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Kids' 3-7 Years Skateboard Play 120 Medusa

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Product Features

A photo of the Kids' 3-7 Years Skateboard Play 120 Medusa in use

Kids' 3-7 Years Skateboard Play 120 Medusa : Our team of passionate skateboarders designed this skateboard for children ages 3 to 7 learn to ride while having fun.

Is your child ready to learn to ride a skateboard? To make learning easier, safer and more fun, we have created a symmetrical board with trucks that are better suited to younger riders.


For greater stability, this skateboard has a wider wheelbase.

Ease of learning

The lower deck helps children learn to push off easily

Glide performance

The skateboard features ABEC 3 bearings for a smooth ride.

Ease of handling

Children can learn to turn with soft polyurethane bushings

Ease of use

Drawings on the grip help children learn where to stand.

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Kids' 3-7 Years Skateboard Play 120 Medusa
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Excellent service

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Great but...

I got this for my daughter she loves it. However it seems very slow. Not sure if it's the design or if we need to do something to sort the wheels?

Really good for littlies

The skateboard is great for my little ones. I bought this for a 3 1/2 year old, so having it made slightly lower and more stable by setting the trucks further apart really appealed to me. The result is great; both him and his 7 year old brother love it - quite a lot of sitting down and 'paddling' using their hands but all in all, a great buy. Nothing else like it on the market. Could do with some more designs though.

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Changing position of the wheels changes everything

Once the wheel position is changed to regular position, the board is so unable my daughter doesnt want to ride it . I have tried and tested this myself as i was wondering when she was so scared. So just gone ahead and purchased a new board, invest in a half decent board in the first place is my opinion . The only saving grace is that it is fun and stable when the wheels are in the learning position .

Hello Gerard,

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback on this product. We are sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the product in its second position and will pass on your feedback to our design team who have created the board.

Yours sportively,

Joshua Gutteridge, Commercial Leader

Great skateboard for a preschooler

Being able to extend the wheelbase and lower the deck increases my son’s confidence (and ours). Good stuff.

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Skate board - training board

Awesome product my kids are picking up skating so quick coz of this great design.. even helped me get Back on the board and I’m 40.. heaps of fun.. 1 thing I did was drill some holes out further For the trucks I feel the second set are a little too close.. but still great to ride...

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Very nice price

Very nice price.

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Hello Carmen,

Thank you for supporting our products. We are happy to hear that you have a pleasant product experience.

We look forward to seeing you again soon and hope you can continue to have fun with our products.

Thank you again for your support. 

Stay healthy. 


Terrin Ng

Decathlon Hong Kong Cycling Team



Nice and smooth

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Nice one!

It’s really worth money. Thanks decathlon.

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Skateboard Play 120 Skate OXELO


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kid loving it

kid using since i bought it , he is in love this product

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Additional Product informations


Woodboard skateboard

  • 100% Wood

About the trucks on the play 120

To make this skateboard better suited to children aged 3-7 years, it features a wider wheelbase: the deck is lower and won't exert a lever effect on the nose and tail.We chose ABEC3 bearings for a smooth ride and softer bushings to make learning to turn easier.And to make sure this skateboard grows with your child, it features holes for moving the trucks to a normal position.

A skateboard that breaks the mould for young skateboarders

With its symmetrical design and lower height, the Play 120 doesn't look like a regular skateboard.For greater stability, the trucks are set wider and at an incline.The result: a lower deck to make pushing off easier.With the trucks at the nose and tail, you no longer have a lever effect, which means no goofy or regular positioning - which is why it has a symmetrical shape. A skateboard that breaks the mould makes learning to ride more fun.

Trucks, nose, bushings – vocabulary 101:

Trucks are the parts that are screwed into the deck and hold the wheels and bearings. Bearings come in different qualities from ABEC 1 and the bushings allow the deck to lean for turning.The nose and tail refer to the front and back of the skateboard.Why does a skateboard have a front and a back? Because not everyone puts the same foot in front. Skaters have a goofy stance when they put their right foot at the front, and a regular stance when they put their left foot in front.

Our passionate skateboarding team talks about how they designed this skateboard:

"It all started two years ago. We wanted to create a skateboard that was truly suited to children ages 3 to 7 who need to learn how to push off, ride and turn. That's why we used real bearings for a smooth ride: learning a sport should still be fun. If things are always hard, fun goes out the window. We tested this skateboard in skateboarding schools for children in Dordogne, France, to create a simple, age-appropriate product. The aim was for children to have fun using it."

How should you learn to skateboard? our design team has a few tips:

"First things first: to learn to skateboard, get yourself properly kitted out: helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist pads. Protective gear means you can fall without getting hurt. Falling is a part of skateboarding, just like when you learn to walk. Or a bit like judo, when you learn how to fall. The second thing is to find the right place to practise: flat ground, without cars. An empty parking lot is a great place to start!"

How do you teach your child to skateboard?

A few pointers:- Your child can start by learning to push off, with one foot on the skateboard and the other on the ground. Once they feel more comfortable, they can learn to ride on the board.- You can also give them a hand: have your child stand on the board while you push them gently. They can start to learn to balance and get a feel for turning without having to worry about pushing off.

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