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Inflatable Touring Kayak 2/3 Places Orange

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A photo of the Inflatable Touring Kayak 2/3 Places Orange in use

Inflatable Touring Kayak 2/3 Places Orange : Inflatable kayak with 3 raised adult seats for your paddling comfort.

Stable and reassuring, perfect for that family outing.


For 2 to 3 people, up to a maximum of 230 kg (507 lbs).

Easy assembly / dismantling

Inflation in 10 minutes to a maximum pressure of 1.5 PSI (0.1 bar)


Side stoppers and inflatable board for good stability.

Glide performance

The patented bow shape gives the kayak good glide performance. 3 keels.

User comfort

Raised seat for comfort when at rest and when paddling.

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Inflatable Touring Kayak 2/3 Places Orange
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Mostly Great. Laborious to dry & I made a mod.

This is mostly a great product and very good value. We are enjoying it a lot. Just 2 downsides for me: Firstly it takes a long time to disassemble, dry and repack. To get it properly dry, the bladder needs removing from the floor and the floor cover needs turning inside-out. I don't see a shortcut to this, other than leaving it wet inside and hoping the mould growth is not too bad. Secondly, when there are 2 of us in the Itiwit 3, the buckles on the floats for the rear seat back are a little too far backwards and not angled inwards enough. I have lengthened that seat's 2 webbing straps by sewing on some more webbing so that I can use the middle pair of buckles and get the rear seat back angled a little further forward so it gives me more support. Would be better if those buckles had been fitted a few inches further forward.

inflatable kayak

Loved this kayak stable in use and looked really strong, however on the second use the seam on the bottom failed and the chamber deflated when we were half way down a river. Although we stayed afloat it took ages to get back, really annoyed given the cost and now the hassle of getting a replacement

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It's not a canoe

Really surprised at how good this is. Only used in chichester harbour but firm enough to go through small waves. Quick to get from bag to water and back again. Easy to clean. Dont forget paddles pump lifejacket is another 100 quid.

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Sold Down The River......

Sturdy product, quick delivery, super price.....what's not to like?

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Great inflatable kayak

Very convenient. Easy to carry, inflate and put away when finished with

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Good inflatable

used it 3 times now in the sea. easy to inflate, deflate and pack up. The kayak felt solid (considering its not high pressure) and was not soft. Very stable, it never felt unsteady and we had the confidence to easily paddle out about 300-400 meters from the shore. Kids tried rocking from side to side but it still didn't flip over. It tracks very well and even in a light wind we didn't have a problem. have not tried it with 3 people but I imagine that it would still be stable. 4 stars only because it takes some time in the sun to dry because of the material covering the PVC. I have not figured out how to dry it quickly. drying it upside down seems to make it dry easier but I need to try that again. Seats are very comfortable (we were out for 3-4 hrs) and no aches. Make sure that you check the fabric zips are in place before inflating (check at the very front under the cover.) Other reviews have stated that their kayak deformed but it will if the zips are not closed, simple. I also bought the X100+ and to be honest I didn't notice much difference when paddling. They both tracked equally well. The X100+ is slightly lower and therefore you feel that you are more exposed. The kids (teens) actually preferred this one to the X100+. The X100+ is a little longer. The main difference comes when drying the kayak, the 100+ wipes dry whereas this has to dry in the sun for several hours. You just have to figure out whether that is worth the extra money to have a shorter drying time. Make sure it is dry before you pack it. Will have to see how long this kayak will last but so far I have enjoyed using it and would happily recommend.

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It's a super kayak / canoe

We bought this craft after seeing a few glowing reviews on YouTube and because of our previous purchases from Decathlon, good design and their excellent after purchase customer service. In use, the three man kayak has proven to be ideal. It's firm, does not bend in use unlike the cheaper inflatables, which is surprisingly given it's only inflated to between 1 to 1.5psi so can be easily inflated using the Decathlon large hand pump in 10 mins and that's pumping at a steady pace....well I have to being 60 plus years old

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Inflatable Kayak

Easy to carry, inflate, use, deflate. Top product and fun. Only used once but can't see any issues so far

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Exceeded expectation

First time out of the bag, the Itiwit 3 looked better than the images I'd seen. The boat inflated quickly and looked like a canoe rather than an inflatable unicorn. Being used to a hard shell kayak I was dubious about the wat it would track, but it was surprisingly responsive and true. Its an inflatable boat so the sponsons do affect paddle strike but thats no more than you can expect. Great bit of kit that will get a lot of use.

Failed after 5 uses

My left bladder failed after 5 uses and instructions on repair are equivalent to hieroglyphics. also inflation process instructions are incorrect as if you blow up one side fully, it put additional pressure on the other side when inflating and i think this is the cause of the failures. both sides should be partially inflated first to allow floor to sit correctly and not put pressure on other side.


Absolutely worthless company, ordered and payed for a kayak two weeks ago and had order and delivery confirmation from decathlon with delivery dates so was confident enough to buy other required items like pump , life vests , clothes and kayaking shoes etc etc from other retailer as decathlon was out of stock. Now 2 weeks lates i email them for delivery confirmation just to be told that my order was canceled! Conveniently it was canceled the same day i reached out to them for an update. So now im stuck with all the extra stuff that i bought from amazon ( which came in on time ) as Decathlon refuses to offer any alternatives , all i got was sorry that was it, they dont care about their customers as soon as you pay youre on your own, pathetic!

Didn’t last very long

Very pleased at first had lots of fun but the seats broke at the welds, couldn’t fix and had to fight to get replacements which also broke the same way. Then the main chamber burst on the welds again. Despite little use decathlon wouldn’t replace. Not very happy. Usually I’m very impressed with their kit but this has an inherent fault that decathlon should own and sort. The bot is now 2 years old has had little use and been cared for but will now end up in the bin.

New to inflatable kayaks.

Probably a little soon to be writing a review after 1 outing but I am really pleased so far. Inflated really quickly & easily. Loads of room and comfortable. Drying out did take a little time & effort as I didn’t want to pack away still damp. Overall so far very pleased.

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Wears out

My zips died in 3 years too , make sure you wash it down, Side bladder burst once opened zip fell apart. However bought a zipper (medium size ) fix n zip from amazon. Repaired side bladder and replaced zip. Now floor bladder died tried repairing but on seam. So need to buy new one. Had great fun but didn't last and didn't use that much. Cant recommend because of this.

Zip disintegrated in three years

In three years the zip had disintegrated in the salt water rivers so when I got a puncture I had to force open the zip. I could buy a bladder or patch it, but impossible to unzip and now it needs a new zip. Also impossible to replace. Do yourself a favour and see if you can unzip it to gain access to the bladder. You can't. Don't waste your money.

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Additional Product informations


Main fabric

  • 100% Polyester

Inner fabric

  • 100% Polyvinyl Chloride - Phtalate Free

Seat comfort

The front and back seats are high, this provides increased comfort for adults in the paddling position.The seats are arranged according to the number of persons on board, on the diagrams printed on the floor:In front of the "2+1" diagrams (which remain visible) when there are 3 persons on board. In front of the "2" markings when there are 2 persons on board.

Technical dimensions and weights.

INFLATED SIZELength: 382 cmWidth: 108 cmSIZE WHEN FOLDED IN BAGHeight: 73 cmWidth: 44 cmThickness: 33 cmWeight: 17 kgMaximum pressure: 0.1 bar (1.5 PSI)Seats: 2 or 3 seatsContents: kayak, bag, repair kit, keelsPUMP NOT INCLUDEDPADDLE NOT INCLUDEDFor use with an Itiwit double-action hand pump with adapters

After-sales service

Spare parts are available for Itiwit kayaks from after-sales service. Visit the workshop at your nearest Decathlon store to collect or order some.Inflatable floor: reference 8390991Left bladder: reference 8309264Right bladder: reference 8309167

Inflation recommendations & precautions

Inflate the floor, then one of the side tubes, then the second one to 50%. Check the overall positioning of the chambers. Then fully inflate it without exceeding 0.1 bar (1.5 psi).DO NOT OVERINFLATE!Close the valves well.Install the 3 skegs, unless using on a river containing little water.In the event of EXTREME HEAT, slightly deflate the kayak out of the water to avoid overinflation, which could damage the kayak.Do not leave inflated in direct sunlight: risk of overinflation

Care instructions

In the event of damage to one of the side chambers, open the side tube lengthways using the zip and remove the chamber.The floor can be uncovered by opening the Velcro fastenings.Example 1: the hole is in the side tube; you can use the repair kit to stick on a patch.Example 2: the hole is located along a seam; contact the DECATHLON workshop service to exchange the faulty bladder (2-year warranty).

Glide performance

Patented bow shape: the front and back ends provide good glide. The V-shaped front of the kayak enables smooth entry into the water.

Easy to disassemble and fold

New carry bag, backpack style for short distances.Easy clip fins.Deflate the kayak by opening the 3 "Boston" valves.Fold the lateral tubes down onto the floor.Roll, starting from the opposite side to the valves to remove the air.Place the rolled-up kayak into the main compartment of the bag.Close the zip and tighten using the compression strap.

Directions for use.

We recommend that you use the product with a buoyancy vest.

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