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INFLATABLE CAMPING BED BASE : Our team of practitioners have developed this inflatable camping bed base for the camper seeking a very comfortable bed, to sleep when camping like at home!

Our motivation? Innovating by offering you an inflatable camping bed base! It can be combined to sleep two and has a 10 year guarantee. Please note, mattress sold separately.

Sleeping quality

Dimensions: 190 x 70 x 25 cm


Mattress approved to withstand at least 100 inflation/deflating cycles.

Easy assembly / dismantling

Quick and easy to inflate with our red Quechua 5.2 L pump.

Easy transport

Weight: 3.8 kg | Volume: 12 L | Carrying bag

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Very, very, comfortable

I never knew that this product existed until I was investigating something that would be more comfortable than the inflatable and foam beds that I have used in the past. I've been camping since about 1970, and steadily getting heavier. In the 1980s I would happily sleep on a roll-out piece of foam, but now, if I can transport it, I prefer something more comfortable. I'm now getting to an age (55) where comfort is quite important, and this bed proved to be very comfortable. I tried it with a 5cm self-inflating mattress and then a basic air bed from Decathlon. As I had room in my bag for both the self-inflating mattress and the airbed, I took both and the combination meant that I had some extremely comfortable nights. I didn't want to get out of bed, and only did so when the tent got too hot in the sun. The combination proved to be more comfortable than many mattresses that I have slept on in some hotels. I'm surprised that I have never even heard of this product before, but I'm glad I found it. I am slightly overweight and was a bit concerned that it wouldn't be strong enough, but I was mistaken. I suspect that the manufacturer understates the maximum weight by a considerable margin as there was no way that I would ever manage to break it! My holiday destination was on an island where I would have to physically move all of my luggage (no car) and it would travel on a two boats and a tractor. The bed is very lightweight, but incredibly strong - it's perfect, and it was just what was required. I am very happy with it.

Quechua air inflatable bed

Brillant. Best night sleep I've had when camping.

Best camp bed ever

I have been camping for the last 50 years and have slept on all sorts of surfaces in that time. This bed, plus the self inflating topper, had me sleeping as well as I do at home, no previous arrangement of air bed and wire framed bed has ever provided me with this much comfort. I know the price is high, but a good nights sleep is pricelss.

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Best nights sleep camping

Amazing best nights sleep camping ever, definitely recommend

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We tried these out last weekend and they are great. Easy to put up and take down and pack. Love them. And of course, they are super comfortable. We popped a self inflating mat on top. Great!

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Best camping bed ever

Believe what you read about these camp beds they are fantastic. Easy to set up and with a inexpensive Decathlon air mattress they give a great night's sleep. Just getting in and out of bed is very comfortable and easy as opposed to rolling on and off a mattress which is straight on the floor.


Bought 2 of these and have found them the best airbed I’ve ever used.

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Bed base

The best sleep so comfy after many many years camping ....should have bought it sooner

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Decent base

Really only makes more comfortable if used with a decent thickness of air bed otherwise you can feel the spars. Issue could arise in a smaller sleeping tent where due to height of the ground you push inner tent against outer tent in wet weather causing a leak. Same issue if using a single layer tent. Other than that good for sleeping as I said with right air bed and decent height for sitting on with right air bed too.

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Vlog Review

I recently did a vlog review on the Bed, I really liked the bed and had a great nights sleep on it. here's my vlog review:-

Great camping bed base

This base is very robust but very light. Along with the Vango comfort SIM it feels just like my bed at home.

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Still Unsure What Type Of Camp Bed To Purchase?.

I’ve been camping to many Music & Beer Festivals over the years and in order to keep things light I’ve simply taken a 3 Man Tent, a sleeping bag and a single stove. Have a fantastic time, but return home in agony from sleeping on the cold floor. However, having now purchased a much larger air tent to embark on family adventures I thought it was time to take things a little more seriously. Especially if we’d be camping for prolonged periods and this was more of an investment. After lots of research and reading other campers reviews and advice, I found that there were a couple of items ultimately required. A quality bed for a decent nights sleep was one of them. Air Bed or Traditional Folding Camp Bed?. I’m not biased towards either, but they are both equally floored. Weight, size, cold air, bursting, body roll, uncomfortable bars, un-sturdy ground, ground sheet damage, deflation, hard frames, creaky/squeaky, electrical hook up or hernia through manual inflation... Read other people’s reviews for yourself. Then I found this Air Base/Frame by Quechua online and although at first I thought “What the heck is that?” I looked further into the design concept and it made perfect sense. It raises you off the cold ground. The frame is constructed with high quality air beams, much like modern tents, so less chance of bursting and it’s sturdy even on uneven ground. Can be pumped up in seconds manually so doesn’t require electricity. High PSI, so base can be solid as a rock if you wish. Holds air very well and doesn’t need regular pumping up. Neat inflate/deflate valve so no more squeezing. Then the bed is kept sturdy by way of strong, flexible slats/struts across the top on which you lay your chosen mattress. Much like most beds at home. I think that this is what puts some people off, but shouldn’t. The mattress is then held in place by elasticated straps at the top and bottom. Although a single base is only 700mm wide x 1900mm long x 250mm high (apparently based upon standard mattress sizes), you can click two together to form a standard double bed at 1400mm. Now all I had to do was choose an appropriate mattress. Air or SIM (self inflating)?. Well, single air beds can be bought for as little as £10. However, as air expands and contracts due to temperature change there is still the factor of the jelly effect through deflation and cold air on your back causing aches and pains. SIMs are great for forming a thermal barrier between you and the cold floor, but they’re usually very thin so as to lighten the load whilst hiking. Therefore, a 25mm thick SIM would just fall in between the struts/slats on the Camp Bed Air 700 when you lay down. I’m camping, not hiking and can afford to be spoilt, I therefore chose to go all out and buy a Vango Comfort 100 (mm deep) Grande Single. It’s marginally wider than the base but it’s fine. It’s even warm to lay on. And the end result?. Perfect, Sleep Nirvana. Worth every penny. The Camp Bed Air 70 is a Sleeper Hit!.

Camp bed

Great product easy to pack and use

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being a bit naughty

in fact, (at least the one i've got), its 66cm wide on top, 67cm wide on bottom combined it with their cheapo £11.99, 70cm wide inflatable mattress, didn't really know without looking at it, tried one nights sleep, would be fair to say the best night's kip i've ever had on an airbed manufactured to a very high standard for £50, i can well believe the 10 year guarantee

Brilliant, idea, design and sleep

I bought one of these to test the waters after using a traditional double air mattress on our last camping trip. I had two choices a traditional camp bed (metal legs etc) or this, the inflatable bed base. I opted for this simply for ease of use, reduced (actually no) damage to the tent ground sheet and comfort. It packs away to a convenient size and can be used as a makeshift guest bed. If you are looking to go camping and have concerns about getting a decent nights sleep then give this consideration. My partner also tried it and she said that she could sleep on this system. So guess what.... It looks like I will be buying another one for her.

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Additional Product informations


Main fabric

  • 100% Polyester


  • 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Carry bag

  • 100% Polyester

Directions for use

This camp bed can be combined with the same model to be able to sleep two. It is compatible with all the camping mattresses with a maximum width of 70 cm.We recommend very strong inflation of 6 PSI by using our Quechua 5.2 L red hand pump. To find this pump on our website, copy the reference 8243066 and paste it into our search engine.

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