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Foam Folding Mattress - Grey

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Foam Folding Mattress - Grey : Our team designed this multi-purpose, folding mattress to protect you from the ground when camping.

370g. 180 x 55 x 2cm. Foam mattress - the most versatile mat and very lightweight (R-value 2.1). 10-year guarantee - Accordion folding design.

Abrasion resistance

Film that prevents abrasion.

Easy transport

370 g. 11.5 litre volume. Accordion folding shape. Elastic support.

Sleeping quality

Dimensions 180 x 55 x 2 cm. Deep, thick and comfortable.Thermal insulation.

Thermal insulation

Ideal for temperate environments (>5°).R-Value standard ASTM F3340-18: 2,1

Easy assembly / dismantling

Easy accordion folding. Use as a seat, mat, cushion or half-mattress.

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Foam Folding Mattress - Grey
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Does what it states bit big but ok I’m going to be reviewing a lot more camping hiking products on u tube channel unknown camper

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Good for sleeping on, better than foam roll mat

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Good buy

Bought this sleeping mat as I forgot mine on a trip and went past a decathlon. Now it's pretty much my main sleeping mat Good weight Comfortable enough (never had a bad nights sleep) Good price

Big but comfortable

Takes a bit of room when packed and not in use but does the job nicely when sleeping

it's more than a foam sleeping mat

stops you sliding down the tent, is comfy, and acts as a seat during the day's walking.

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Folding Mattress that works

As with all folding mattresses it's 'of a size', slightly bigger than the Z-l*te and others, but its made of the same injected moulded foam. The advantage of a folded mattress is you can use it to create a frame in a frameless backpack, cut 3 sections from it to make a kneel/sit pad. It's bullet-proof and will never deflate. You can boot bits out of this and it will still take the lumps out of any surface you care to rest your tired bones on. Its BIG, but reliable...

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Trekking mat

I have used this and find it farely comftable and it does feel warm. I am a side sleeper this is not really suited to that type of sleeping but use it with another mat so isn't a problem for me and I'm 140kg. Only time will tell if this durable

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Great bit of kit

not had much chance to use too often but impressed so far

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Just what I needed

It's a standard folding ccf mat, not much to say about it. Comfortable enough and warm enough. I cut mine down to 8 of the 12 sections and it's now 205g. Also useful to act as a frame in my frameless backpack. Would recommend to those looking for a versatile and modular sleeping mat with minimal weight penalty.

Folding Trekking Mattress

Amazing mattress and very light weight and very comfortable for mountain treks specially in snow trek you have to go for this trust me it's very good product with high quality material used while manufacturing, specially in uneven temperature it is very useful to maintain the body between the ground and the body .....

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Folding foam


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Hi Azean,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review on the Folding Foam Trekking Mattress MT500.

We are glad to hear that you enjoy using the product.

Your reviews are important to us as it allows us to improve our products for more of our users online. 

Feel free to leave a review on other Decathlon products and we hope to see you in our stores soon!

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ที่นอนสำหรับเทรคกิ้ง รุ่น Foam Folding Trekking Mattress - TREK 100 - Grey ออกแบบมาเพื่อให้ง่ายต่อการใช้งานได้อย่างสะดวกสบายมากที่สุดในวัสดุที่ทนทาน พร้อมราคาที่จับต้องได้ง่ายที่สุด สำหรับคำติชมทางเราจะนำไปปรับปรุงในโอกาสต่อไปครับ



Шалте от пяна TREK100

Удобен за всички видове преходи, след което се вписва в раницата без проблеми

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Благодарим Ви за отделеното време и оценката, която сте дали за нашия продукт. Качественото обслужване, доволните клиенти и предоставянето на възможността всички да спортуват е наша главна цел.

Спортни Поздрави,

Екипът на Декатлон България!


не съм доволна, лесно се разваля от треви и храсти

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Благодарим Ви, че отделихте от времето си, за да ни споделите Вашата обратна връзка.

Нашият екип следи всички канали, за да можем да подобряваме услугите си и качеството на продуктите.

Спортни поздрави,

Екипът на Декатлон Българи!

Stoprocentně perfektně

Zkrátka a dobře vynikající.

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Foamed Polyethylene

Volume and folded size

Folded size 15 x 14 x 55 cm. Elastic support.11.5 litre volume. Weight including the pack: 380 gFoam thickness 30 kg/m3.

What is the r-value?

The R-Value is a measure of the thermal insulation. It measures the ability of a mattress to retain or prevent heat from escaping from a warm body (human body) to a cold floor.The higher the R-Value, the better the insulation of the mattress.Please note that the R-Values can be added; this means that you can use two mattresses and add their R-Values.All our mattresses are tested to standard ASTM F3340-18.

What r-value for what use?

R-value from 0 to 1.9: Hot season (summer) onlyR-value from 2 to 3: 2 or 3-season (spring-summer-autumn)R-value from 3 to 4: 4-seasonR-value of 4.5 and higher: Use in all 4 seasons and in extreme conditions (glacier, far north and high altitudes)

Comfortable postural support

For a foam mattress, this mattress offers a greater level of comfort thanks to its design and the depth given to the foam by the mould. This specific design allows for 2 cm mattress thickness, giving home comfort and real postural support.

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