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Fit100 Women's Inline Fitness Skates - Grey/Peppermint

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A photo of the Fit100 Women's Inline Fitness Skates - Grey/Peppermint in use

Fit100 Women's Inline Fitness Skates - Grey/Peppermint : The Oxelo design team developed these fitness inline skates so you can discover the joys of skating outings over short distances (up to 10km).

Comfortable liner, support and glide performance designed for beginners: now you're ready for discovering the pleasures of skating!

Fitting comfort

Your feet will love them: semi-soft liners with 3D mesh, comfort foam.

Glide quality

76mm/80A wheels and ABEC 5 bearings for mastering your skating.


Stiff and high cuff, lace-up fastening, micrometric buckle and instep strap.


Plastic frame compatible with 80mm wheels. Brake adaptable on left foot.

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383 reviews

Fit100 Women's Inline Fitness Skates - Grey/Peppermint
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Good skaters

My daughter loves these really good product.

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Good skates

These are really good skates for the price. If considering to buy please go ahead and ignore previous reviews about the brake pad faults. It's amusing that some people don't have enough brains to adjust the brake pad. To put the brake pad in correct position you have to unscrew the rear wheel. There is a reason why there are 2 keys provided in the pack and you have to use both of them when trying to unscrew the brake pads. You have insert each key at each side of the screw and unscrew it holding the other one in place. This prevents the screw from spinning. Decathlon should consider adding special instructions for idiots.

Really good

The skates look very nice and are comfortable but we can’t work out how to anchor the brake into place.

Terrible / unhelpful customer service

I've ordered these twice now and both times they have arrived faulty - even though I specified what the fault is on the exchange form, they arrived with the exact same fault!! The break is too low down so the wheels don't touch the floor. When you try to loosen, the screw just keeps turning and turning endlessly. Nightmare! When I tried to speak to customer service, they told me to go to a store (I don't line near one, hence why I ordered!)

Hi Maggie,

Sorry to hear, my colleagues weren't able to help you. I will reply you in private to assist you with this issue.



love my skates

great shopping experience

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nice skates

easy to handle, good fit

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Excellent and as expected

The skates were great for me, although I am a beginner and have not tried others. Really good value and work well.

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I’m in love

Haven’t skated in a while but these skates are super comfortable and I’m in love.

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good one

excellent product

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Thumbs up

Great deal, value for money. Oxelo didn’t compromise built quality Well satisfied

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Good Product

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Great for fitness skating

The skates are super comfortable and sturdy. Great if you just want to skate around a bit. Not great for tricks though and might get damaged easily if you fall.

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My first inline skates, they’re smooth and comfortable, the wheel traction is good and the shock absorption also makes it possible to use them outdoors. The wheel hardness could have been a bit more though. The hardness of the wheels is 78A and the max. Wheel size which can be fitted in the frame is 76mm unlike what’s advertised on the site. To conclude I’d like say that they’re a good pair of skates.

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Okay skates. You get what you pay for.

Don't get me wrong. This is good for the price and works great. But I have an issue with the cuff and I feel the skates tend to slide down to the side, if that is the phrase to use. The sizing is also not exactly exact. Nevertheless it is great for beginners to use to practise as size of wheels are 76mm, so you don't go too fast and transition to other sizes in the future should not be a problem. Also, since it is cheap, you won't feel any heart ache once they wear out, and you can get a better pair of skates when you have become good at skating :) And I agree with the brake thing from one of the reviews. I got that once with my Rollerblade brand skates, because it fell out of the hole/catch that is supposed to keep it in place and thus my brake was touching the ground and the wheels can't roll. All I did was use the allen keys (once you get into inline skating, you will get used to doing this because sooner or later you will need to learn to change out the worn-out wheels and brake pads), remove both the last wheel and brake, put the brake properly back in place, put the parts back, screw everything back and it is done. So don't worry, there is nothing wrong with the brake pad for these skates.

Hello Alice,

Thank you for taking the time off to leave us a detailed review for this Fit100 Women's Inline Fitness Skates - Grey/Peppermint! It is through feedback like yours, that we are able to constantly improve our products, and serve your sporting needs better. Great tips as well on the brake pad adjustments, especially for beginner skaters!

Nevertheless, I am glad that you are happy with the product, and that it has served its intended purpose.

We, in Decathlon, always strive to make sports available to everyone via our products at affordable prices, and we hope you are amongst those that have benefitted from this objective. 

Skate on and have a nice day! :)

Sport on safely!


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love the colour

this design has the right size and cutting for a beginner, the price range is perfect.

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Polypropylene


  • 100% Polypropylene

Upper of

  • 95% Polyester
  • 5% Polyurethane


  • 50% Polypropylene
  • 50% Polyurethane

Lining and sock of

  • 100% Polyester

Outer sole of

  • 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane


  • 50% Polyamide 6.6
  • 10% Stainless Steel
  • 40% Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Who is it for?

If you are just starting out or an occasional skater and are looking for a comfortable, safe skate for a good deal, we have developed the Fit100 for your family outings.

How do they stay comfy and fitted?

The semi-soft boot with 3D mesh is comfortable and stops too much moisture building up inside the skate. The new comfort foam and heel cushioning also make life more pleasant.The "cuff" (the part of the boot that comes up your leg) is stiff and comes far enough up to hold your ankle in place. Along with the triple fastening system (laces, micro-metric buckle, and strap), it holds your ankle snugly.

Do you need to choose between glide quality and comfort?

No, not with Oxelo. The Fit100 inline skates offer glide performance designed for beginners thanks to their 76mm wheels combined with ABEC5 bearings. The combination of a plastic frame and relatively soft rubber wheels (80A) offers a good balance between vibration absorption and tolerance.The frame can also take 80mm wheels.

How can you maintain/repair your skates?

You can replace parts or repair your skates using the after-sales parts available in store, online and at your local Decathlon store's workshop.The parts you can change are 76mm or 80mm wheels, ABEC 5 bearings (or higher if you want better glide quality). The brake stoppers fit both the left and right foot.

How can you make your skates last longer?

To extend the lifespan of your skates after skating through water, dust or sand, take the wheels off, dry them and degrease the bearings with a dry cloth.Find our advice and tutorials on our YouTube channel:

How can you make the wheels last longer?

It's normal to switch your wheels around because they don't wear out evenly. The reason? We often skate with our feet sloping slightly inwards when we push off and turn.If you want to stop them wearing out, switch your wheels around (in pairs).

What is the maximum weight supported by these oxelo fit100 inline skates?

These adult skates meet the EN 13843 class A standard (adult inline skate standard). This standard applies to "Roller sports equipment - inline skates" designed for a person weighing between 20kg and 100kg. This European standard defines the safety requirements and the specifications for the test methods, markings, and information provided by the manufacturer, with the aim of reducing the risk of injury.

How much do the oxelo fit100 skates weigh?

2.4kg per pair in size 5.5.

How are our products tested?

All of our skates have been lab tested. These tests validate their compliance with the European standards for skates, as well as their resistance to wear.As well as lab tests we do field tests - some measured and others based on the testers' opinions - to really put the product through its paces. The result is a tested, proven product.

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