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Fit100 Fitness Inline Skates

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A photo of the Fit100 Fitness Inline Skates in use

Fit100 Fitness Inline Skates : The Oxelo design team developed these fitness inline skates so you can discover the joys of skating outings over short distances (up to 10km).

Comfortable liner, support and glide performance designed for beginners: now you're ready for discovering the pleasures of skating!

Fitting comfort

Your feet will love them: semi-soft liners with 3D mesh, comfort foam.

Glide quality

76mm/80A wheels and ABEC 5 bearings for mastering your skating.


Stiff and high cuff, lace-up fastening, micrometric buckle and instep strap.


Plastic frame compatible with 80mm wheels. Brake adaptable on left foot.

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370 reviews

Fit100 Fitness Inline Skates
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Love them but....

Only came in a single box (just the shipping box) and I have noticed that it has a brake on the right foot but not the left one? Please let me know if this is a mistake Shipping was super super fast Other than that, can’t wait to skate in them!!

The wheels are terrible

This is the third pair I ordered. The size was ok but the wheels are really not good. They do not support a smooth movement, are stiff. I'll be returning them. So sad as after 3 different pairs, I still couldn't find a pair that fits me, whose wheels are good.

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love them

make sure the bolts are regularly checked n tightened.

You got what you pay

Not good for beginners as they can put you off rollerskating. Feet are not secured nor stabilised. Been skating for many years and they really cheap compare to big brands but...if you really thing about rollerblading pay more and enjoy it

Hi Rafal,

Thank you for taking the time to review these skates. Feedback has already been forwarded to the designing team so they can consider it for future improvements of the product.



Brake pad completely worn after 3 uses

My kids got some rollerblades and I got those to go with them. After using them 3 times in the park following them (not fast at all), the brake oad is completely worn off, starting to rub on the plastic holder. I contacted Decathlon, but since I bought the skates in a shop, I have to wait for he shop to re-open, which could be months due to Coronavirus lock down. I would expect Decathlon, as a company, to manage this without the shop being open. In the meantime, I can't use my rollerblades with my kids.

Hi Alexandre,

Sorry to hear the pads worn out quicker than expected. Some of our stores have reopened for cycling and workshop services, please check if you local store is one of them.



Great Beginner Blades

Bought these for myself so I could learn to skate to join in with my kids. For the price these are good skates. Not too heavy, wheels are very smooth and they are reasonably comfortable, although I've nothing to compare them to.

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good for the price

Good for the price, really comfy enough to go for a skate on the bike tracks

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My son loves them

My son brought these with his own pocket money and have owned maybe 2-3wks. He is very rough, loves jumping and trying tricks. Due to this, 2x wheels have come out so far. Eventually we will get street blades. Good price. Quality is good. Overall we are happy.

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Amazing product

amazing product

Good one to start

As I am new to skates, this one is value for money and meets the expectation. It has good comfort and helping me progress well in learning.

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Cheap, comfortable entry level fitness skates

Very comfortable in a low price. Soft boot, so a bit less responsive to power stop. Soft wheels, not for tough surface. Good for recreational skating in smooth, desolated area. Go for it if you are just thinking for recreation.

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Not good

Bad product quality

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Thanks For Skates

Super Product

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Good product, minor defect

It's a good product for beginners but I found it to have minimal arch support for my feet due to which the arches in my feet started hurting after using it for just 10 minutes. The boot is a little too high, which constricts movement while bending your knees but that is negligible once you get used to it.

great product

My son is loving it a lot good grip and great product.

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Polypropylene


  • 100% Polypropylene

Upper of

  • 95% Polyester
  • 5% Polyurethane


  • 50% Polypropylene
  • 50% Polyurethane

Lining and sock of

  • 100% Polyester

Outer sole of

  • 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane


  • 50% Polyamide 6.6
  • 10% Stainless Steel
  • 40% Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Who is it for?

If you are just starting out or an occasional skater and are looking for a comfortable, safe skate for a good deal, we have developed the Fit100 for your family outings.

How do they stay comfy and fitted?

The semi-soft boot with 3D mesh is comfortable and stops too much moisture building up inside the skate. The new comfort foam and heel cushioning also make life more pleasant.The "cuff" (the part of the boot that comes up your leg) is stiff and comes far enough up to hold your ankle in place. Along with the triple fastening system (laces, micro-metric buckle, and strap), it holds your ankle snugly.

Do you need to choose between glide quality and comfort?

No, not with Oxelo. The Fit100 inline skates offer glide performance designed for beginners thanks to their 76mm wheels combined with ABEC5 bearings. The combination of a plastic frame and relatively soft rubber wheels (80A) offers a good balance between vibration absorption and tolerance.The frame can also take 80mm wheels.

How can you maintain/repair your skates?

You can replace parts or repair your skates using the after-sales parts available in store, online and at your local Decathlon store's workshop.The parts you can change are 76mm or 80mm wheels, ABEC 5 bearings (or higher if you want better glide quality). The brake stoppers fit both the left and right foot.

How can you make your skates last longer?

It's normal to switch your wheels around because they don't wear out evenly. The reason? We often skate with our feet sloping slightly inwards when we push off and turn.If you want to stop them wearing out, switch your wheels around (in pairs).

What is the maximum weight supported by these oxelo fit100 inline skates?

These adult skates meet the EN 13843 class A standard (adult inline skate standard). This standard applies to "Roller sports equipment - inline skates" designed for a person weighing between 20kg and 100kg. This European standard defines the safety requirements and the specifications for the test methods, markings, and information provided by the manufacturer, with the aim of reducing the risk of injury.

How much do the oxelo fit100 skates weigh?

2.5kg per pair in size 8½.

How are our products tested?

All of our skates have been lab tested. These tests validate their compliance with the European standards for skates, as well as their resistance to wear.As well as lab tests we do field tests - some measured and others based on the testers' opinions - to really put the product through its paces. The result is a tested, proven product.

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