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Double Action Kayak Hand Pump 2 X 2.6L - Orange

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A photo of the Double Action Kayak Hand Pump 2 X 2.6L - Orange in use

Double Action Kayak Hand Pump 2 X 2.6L - Orange : Our design team designed this pump to quickly inflate and deflate kayaks using its double-action system.

Low-pressure hand pump inflates your kayak. Comes with universal adapters to inflate all kinds of products, and a pressure gauge.


Supplied with 2 connectors to fit all inflatable ITIWIT kayaks

Fast acting

Double action. The volume of air displaced with each pump stroke is 2.6L.


Can be used to inflate and deflate.


Pressure gauge included.

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Double Action Kayak Hand Pump 2 X 2.6L - Orange
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Excellent bit of kit!

Really impressed with this pump. Easy to use and nice price.

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A good pump for the inflation of an Itiwit kayak

We bought this at the same time we bought the kayak because it had a large volume per stroke and came with a pressure gauge so we shouldn't ever overinflate the vessel. In use it only takes a genuine 10 minutes to inflate our three man Itiwit kayak and that's pumping at a comfortable rate. The hose with its quick release bayonet fittings for pump and boat valves is ideal and light. It coils easily and can be stored on the kayak along with the pump before setting off just in case the kayak's pressure requires adjustment hours later. The only negative is the often erratic behaviour of the pressure gauge but Decathlon have accepted our problem and are supplying a replacement gauge. The pump being bright orange, is easy to spot and less likely to be left behind either before or after a trip on the water.

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Pumps air but pressure gauge awful

Does a good job moving the air. The fitted pressure gauge works intermittently but sheared off its screw after 2 uses.

pump works well but..

the pump works well but the guage is useless or perhaps just misleading? It suggested pumping the ITIWIT x500 to 10psi, but if i pump to 7psi- according to the guage- remove the pump, the valve instantly releases and I have to start again. I have found that depending on which section needs to be inflated, the right answer- according to guage is between 5-5.5psi. What is going wrong?!

Pump works guage doesn't

Just bought this, used it twice to pump up my new kayak. Pump works fine but the guage doesn't register at all. Can only guess if I'm pumping to the correct psi

if its not deflating...

..having found the same issue and making some strange grunting sounds!!!..i discovered you must attach the hose directly to the pum,p - not through the pressure guage !! hey presto!!!


This is a fantastic piece of kit. Really inflates quickly due to the dual action.

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Faulty pressure gauge

The pump itself is great, if a little flimsy. The Gauge is less than useless though, even when pumping the high pressure floor of my kayak up to 5psi it barely registers. I'm putting my kayak at risk of overinflation. Customer service is appalling too, nobody seems to read my emails properly. I'm now on my 6th useless response.

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Guage / deflate not working

Used oump for the first time today. Not only does the deflate do absolutely nothing (handle wont move), but the pressure guage went up to 2 psi and hasn't come down Unless I'm doing something wrong, this product is woeful and ill be returning it asap

Won’t deflate

Like a previous reviewer our pump is not working on the deflate setting even though it sounds simple to use. What are we doing wrong?

Pressure gauge doesn't work !

I liked the look of this pump because it had a pressure gauge so that we could pump up our newly bought inflatable kayak to the correct pressure. The only trouble is that the very first time we used it the gauge stopped working ! I might as well have bought the cheaper pump...

Pump not deflating

Used pump for first time today. Inflated kayak okay, but pump does not work, when hose attached on the opposite side to deflate. The handle simply does not move up or down. Am I missing something simple here?

Pressure gauge doesn’t work!!

Pump is fine but after first few pumps the gauge goes up and never returns to zero...even after it’s been sat there now for days it’s still up at 1.5, which means we can’t check the pressure to pump up the kayak with, so worried we’ll over inflate. Useless.


Does the job just fine

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Didn’t arrive with all attachments

The second item I have orders was missing attachment to the pump just as the first one was , would definitely not recommend as extremely unrelieable

Dear Ben,

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you received incomplete order. Please could you contact me directly on provided email and send me your order number? I will ask our customer services team to send you the same kayak hand pump again.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Kornel - Water Sports Commercial Leader

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Additional Product informations



  • 100% Polypropylene


  • 100% Aluminium


The volume of air displaced with each pump stroke is 2.6L.To inflate, connect the hose to the "Inflate" side of the pump.To deflate, connect the hose to the "Deflate" side of the pump.Bend your knees to make it more comfortable when pumping.

Technical dimensions

Height: 540mmWidth: 220 mmDiameter: 110mmHose length: 1250mmWeight: 1.050 kg.

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