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1L Mountain Bike Water Bladder

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Product Features

A photo of the 1L Mountain Bike Water Bladder in use

1L Mountain Bike Water Bladder : This water bladder was designed to keep you hydrated during MTB tours under 2 hours.

Slip this 1L water bladder in your hydration backpack and get started on a 2h tourThe bite valve is bent at a 45° angle so it's easy to put in your mouth.The opening is wide to make cleaning easy.


Bring up to 1L of water with you for rides of under 2 hours.

Mouth comfort

The lockable bite valve is bent at 45° so it's easy to put in your mouth.

Easy maintenance

The wide zip opening allows you to easily clean and fill it.

Product Reviews

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1L Mountain Bike Water Bladder
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Pinhole leak developed

A nice size, and I like the mouthpiece. However, seems to have developed a pinhole leak. I really do not see how it happened. I cannot recall having it near any sharp objects. ( I always clean, rinse and air to dry post use.) Came home rather wet! Unable to use further.

The bite valve doesnt stay on

The slightest knock and the bite valve comes off and if you dont innediately notice, its lost. I had to replace one already

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High quality product

I'm using this Hydration Bladder for almost 2 years and it is still perfect. The only problem was the mould that accumulated. Instead of buying the cleaning tools I decided to buy a new bladder.

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Awful taste

Product is good but water taste becomes plasticity after a while.

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Best deal

Excellent product

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It’s honestly a very good product but not satisfactory when it comes to usage. It has a leakage which does not solve the purpose of buying it.

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Hello Harshil, 

Thank you for taking the time to give us your review. Apologies for the bad experience you have had with the water bladder. The bladder if is leaking in the seals you can exchange it because it will be under warranty. If it is leaking at the tube you will just have to install the tube at the base more rigidly to stop the leak. If the problem persists you are still eligible for an exchange under warranty. I remain available for any questions. 



Bought this product now 4 times and unfortunately every time the bag got cuts and I had to trow it away. They have to improve the material of the bag to be more sustainable.

Hi Chinouk,

Thank you for your feedback and taking time to write us your feedback. This soft bladder bags are indeed delicate and need a gentle care. When in use, a bag to protect it would be ideal and It is best to rinse it when and to let it open up to air dry; when taking it out from the protective bag or drying it, it's good to avoid sharp objects from it. Also as it is of plastic material, as in any brands too, they need to be used frequently and not kept unused too long as the plastic material could then degenerate much easily.

Hope this tips helps you.
We hope to see you soon, and take care.

Stay healthy, keep fit & stay happy always!

Sports Advisor
Decathlon Singapore

"Keeping Fit Through Sports - and Decathlon!"
Перфектна система на добра цена

Отговаря си на описанието. Мунщукът е много добре уплътнен и не изпуска нито капка в "отворено" положение. Достатъчно количество вода за няколко часов преход.

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Velice nekvalitní výrobek. Při běhu se vývod odlepil a celý obsah mi postupně vytekl na záda a to nechcete při ultramaratonu.

Dobrý den, Michale,

velice děkujeme za Váš čas věnovaný recenzi tohoto produktu. Každá zkušenost je velmi cenná a pomáhá nám s vývojem nových modelů.

Je nám líto, že kvalita hydrovaku neodpovídá Vašim požadavkům. Z toho co popisujete, se domníváme, že by se mohlo jednat o vadný kus.

Ráda bych Vás proto pozvala na Vaši nejbližší prodejnu Decathlon, kde můžete produkt reklamovat.

Za způsobené nepříjemnosti a komplikace se Vám velice omlouváme.

S láskou ke sportu,



Vyzkoušeno a mohu doporučit. Jedná se o můj druhý hydrovak z Decathlonu tohoto typu.

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funktioniert wie es soll

einfach, gut, jederzeit wieder

Schade für die Umwelt

Produkt taugt nicht für den Einsatz, hab keine großen Erwartungen gehabt und scheue mich es zu entsorgen. Kaufen und wegwerfen ist auch keine Lösung.

Hallo Torge,

vielen Dank, dass du dir Zeit genommen hast, um deine Erfahrungen mit uns zur Trinkblase 500 zu teilen. 

Es ist natürlich sehr ärgerlich, dass du nicht zufrieden bist mit der Qualität, dies werden wir selbstverständlich weitergeben.

Solltest du weitere Fragen haben, steht dir unser Serviceteam (service[at] jederzeit zur Verfügung.

mit sportlichen Grüßen



Gute Trinkblase, Schlauch nicht leicht zu reinigen

Eine gute Trinkblase für den Preis. Die Einfüll-Öffnung ist groß und lässt sich gut verschließen. An der Seite sind hilfreiche Mengen-Markierungen. Das Mundstück wird durch leichte Drehung geöffnet bzw. geschlossen. Schön wäre allerdings eine Schutz-Kappe dafür, um z.B. beim Absetzen vom Rucksatz eine Verschmutzung zu verhindern. Weder Mundstück noch Schlauch scheinen abnehmbar zu sein, was die Reinigung etwas schwierig macht. Für diese Trinkblase wurde das Reinigungsset mit Bestell-Nr. 5935596 empfohlen, welches ich ebenfalls bestellt habe. Aber das Gestell zum Trocknen ist eigentlich für andere Modelle (mit Einflüll-Loch) gedacht, und ich konnte zumindest nicht herausfinden wie ich damit das Mundstück oder den Schlauch reinigen sollte, da ich sie nicht abnehmen kann.

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Additional Product informations



  • 30% Polyethylene
  • 70% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate


  • 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane


  • 100% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Sliding bar

  • 30% Polyethylene
  • 70% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Film/Tube connector

  • 30% Polyethylene
  • 70% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Tube/Valve connector

  • 100% Polypropylene

On/Off system

  • 100% Polypropylene

How to look after your hydration bladder

After each outing, rinse and dry the hydration bladder.To make things easier, use the cleaning kit (code: 5935596) with bottle brush and a drying rack.

Adjustable tube and valve for increased comfort.

You can cut the tube to your preferred length.To do this, remove the bite valve, place the tube in hot water to soften it, cut it to the desired length and put the bite valve back on.The valve is lockable to prevent leaks when not in use. On MTB rides, it won't drip, even when in the open position.

Why should you remove the air from the hydration bladder?

To avoid hearing the sound of water moving in the hydration bladder and guarantee optimum water flow for the whole of your MTB ride; How?Just turn the hydration bladder upside down once filled, direct the air bubbles towards the tube opening and suck them out. That's it! Now you can enjoy the quiet while riding.The walls of the hydration bladder won't stick together if you suck hard and the water flow will always be just right.


To avoid a plastic taste when drinking, we advise you to rinse the product 3 times before first use.After cleaning, leave the hydration bladder open to dry thoroughly.If the plastic taste won't go away, place the dry hydration bladder in the freezer for one night.

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